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Our country of Justice and Law
Our country of Justice and Law
What I am saying here is documented in books of jurisprudence and sharia and is approved and reiterated by our great scholars and clerics, like sheikh Al Qaradawi, Dr. Al Awwa, Judge Al-Bishri and Farid Abdul Khalek in his wonderful research (Political Understanding in Islam).
Tuesday, August 28,2007 15:41
by Dr.Abdul Monem Abu Al-Fotoh IkhwanWeb

This headline was a slogan and a method for the Egyptian national movement said by the East leader and Gamaluddin Al Afghani, the mentor of Muhammad Abdou, Rasheed Reda and Hassan Al Banna and unrivalled godfather to the Islamic movement. This slogan was chosen by Salim Al Naqash as a tile for his PhD dissertation from Paris Salim Al Nqash, a Christian, was one of the close students of Al Afghani and was reportedly his favorite student even more than Muhammad Abdou. I aim from this introduction to give to a halt recently circulated claims that the Muslim Brotherhood sees their Coptic brothers - God forbid – as second-class citizens and that they don’t have the same rights like other Egyptians’.
I feel so sad that such an issue is still debated and I feel sadder for still debating the issue of citizenship, the close bond that ties all Egyptians on their soil, Nile, living, fate, although this issue was settled by the initiative of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) chairman and in the election program of the MB candidates in the last parliamentary elections and it will be more clarified by the would be political party program. This citizenship bond is not a theoretical knowledge on papers but it is on the ground. Every one has the nationality of this homeland and serves its great army has all rights given by this bond without any exception or discrimination.
It is important to know that the country of (justice and law) sought to be established by the Muslim Brotherhood, consists of (the rule) or assuming office in the form of (a body). This can be deduced from the Quranic verse (obey Allah and His Messenger and those in authority among you). Authority is considered by the Quran as a group, a body or an organization.
The types of rule are, as we see in our present time, include the tyrannical type that rules with an absolute power without consulting any one, like Feraoun (Pharoa) saying: (You are to follow only what I see fit; I will guide you only in the right path). This type of rule is illegitimate regardless of the religion or sex (male or female) of the ruler.
There is another type that makes the ruler abide by consultation and institutions. A type that includes a full separation between authorities without any tyranny of one authority over another. It is a type that has a complete balance in distributing decision making bodies. This type does not allow the ruler whaever his religion or sex (man or woman) to exercise his/her powers in they way he/she likes according to personal beliefs or understanding without facing punishment or accountability. It is a type of rule which is solely based on elections and agreement of people who, according to Sunna of the Prophet, never agree unanimously on something wrong.
What I am saying here is documented in books of jurisprudence and sharia and is approved and reiterated by our great scholars and clerics, like sheikh Al Qaradawi, Dr. Al Awwa, Judge Al-Bishri and Farid Abdul Khalek in his wonderful research (Political Understanding in Islam).
Some compatibilities may be required to be in line with observed traditions. Our Coptic brothers may see for example that the president of an Islamic country like Egypt and its weight should be a Muslim. Political traditions take such a path without preventing any Copt from running for this post. As I mentioned above, it is based solely on elections to decide the ruler.
The same is applied on women. There is no evidence from the Quran, the Sunna, consensus and all of faces of Judicial preference don’t stipulate that a president must be a male. Abu Hanifa, Al Tabari and Ibn Hazm talked so much about this.
However, traditions should be taken into consideration.
For example, in a country like America they are still joking that a Catholic “John Kennedy”, assumed office in violation to the Protestant doctrine adopted by most Americans, this was never repeated after that. What will happen if he is adopting another religion, not just another doctrine like what happened?!
Also, no woman assumed office up till now. The issue of nominating a woman, Hillary Clinton, to run for office is still a point of discussion and debated because she is a woman.
We want such talk to totally come to a halt and that all of us focus on our great mission: establishing the state of (justice and law), a state in which all Egyptians enjoy freedom, dignity and welfare, so that our beloved country Egypt leads the East and becomes a pioneer and mentor for all the world, to be the same as it was throughout its history.

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