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Ahmed Mousa Calls in Al-Ahram for Arresting Me
Ahmed Mousa Calls in Al-Ahram for Arresting Me
The Interior Ministry affiliated journalist Ahmed Mousa is still spewing his venom and his toxic campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood group in Saturday’s issue of Al-Ahram newspaper. Mousa who claimed that he possesses a document that convicts the group and Al Shater presented old papers from 1992 Salsabeal case.
Sunday, September 2,2007 12:36
by Abdelmonem Mahmoud IkhwanWeb
The Interior Ministry affiliated journalist Ahmed Mousa is still spewing his venom and his toxic campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood group in Saturday"s issue of Al-Ahram newspaper. Mousa who claimed that he possesses a document that convicts the group and Al Shater presented old papers from 1992 Salsabeal case.
What raises eyebrows is that I found that Mousa was writing about the group"s plan for seizing newspapers. His claim included that I am along with another one he didn"t identify, assigned by the MB Executive Office to be a link between the Executive Office and a private newspaper, Al-Dostour of course. Mousa who did not dare to write my name pointed out that he has all security information about me. He said about me that I was transferred from Alexandria and live in a flat in Al-Haram and then recently moved to a flat at Nasr City for the only mission of the group and the newspaper.
Mousa received his information from the State Security Police. This because I was confronted by this information for the first time by a top officer at the state security police a month ago shortly after leaving prison. This officer said to me that I should slow down the pace of activities. When I told him that it is my profession because I am a journalist who observes news and incidents. Then he said to me:" You are currently living at Nasr City and your under my authority" in an explicit indication that he threatens me with sending me back to prison or harming me if I did not stop following up the Interior Ministry violations. This dialogue was similar to another dialogue between me and the state security officers in Alexandria after leaving prison last June.
The relation between the top officer and Ahmed Mousa is not that far away. This is because I will reveal to you this time his identity.
The top officer who threatened me is lieutenant colonel Atef Al Husseini, an officer in the State Security Police and the prosecution witness in the military tribunal to which 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders are transferred. He was the one who detained me in 2003 and I was tortured under his supervision in the same year for 13 days in the State Security Service headquarters in Nasr City. He also ordered me detained on March, 3rd, 2006, when he broke into a meeting of a number of MB at Maadi and he mentioned my name in front of the detainees and that he will detain me. This made me surrender to the state security prosecution. He is the same officer whom I accused of fabricating cases against me at Shubra prosecution, the latest of which led to my detention in April 2007.
He is also the one I followed up in press reports in Al-Dustoor newspaper in which I have been working for only two weeks in the blogs column in the weekly issue and an editor in the news section in the daily issue for only less than two weeks.
Despite the very short period and small area allocated for me in this newspaper, journalist Ahmed Mousa accuses me and plots against me claiming that I am the link between the group and the newspaper.
The news report contains a strange sentence. He says that may task is outlined in the group and the newspaper. This is a purely security tip because I am currently unrelated with the organizational work in the group. It is impossible that the State Security Service accuses me no of being a member in the Muslim Brotherhood organization.
A security inciting justification was found: that this can be considered an organizational activity so that a new case can be fabricated against me within the next weeks.
The most vexing action that I did and that provoked the state security journalist of Al-Ahram newspaper was the press report that I published in Al-Dustoor newspaper about the financial report that accuses Al Shater and his fellow MB leaders of money laundering. I proved in this press report in a professional and legal way that the report is false because it is issued by an incompetent and an unauthorized body, the illicit gain committee in the Justice Ministry and I said that the law of money laundry no. 80 of the year 2002 stipulates that the money laundry unit at the central bank is the one that receives notices from financial institutions regarding any suspected money laundry crime. If investigation are proved positive, the unit refers the case to the public prosecution.
He is also inciting against me because I managed to poet on the internet a footage showing the signs of torture on the body of child Mohamed Mamdouh who was tortured to death by policemen at the village of Shaha , Mansoura, Dakahlia. I received this footage from a lawyers who works in a famous human rights center.
This instigator claimed that we circulate the issue of tortures using digital cameras and mobile phones as if torture victims about whom we are speaking are from another planet or another country other than Egypt and as if those who killed Nasser of Omraniya and Nasser of Mansoura and child Mohamed of Mansoura and those who burned Siwa child and tortured me in 2003 are other creatures from another country.
Ahmed Mousa has paved the way for arresting me. This because I am not a member in the Press Syndicate to make it easy to arrest me as I won"t find an institution to protect me from the excessive use of powers.
Writing such a report, Ahmed Mousa calls for arresting me to stop my pen from writing about incidents taking place in Egypt and criticize the tyranny of the regime like his criticisms to the Muslim Brotherhood and radicalism of some of its members.
Will I enter Mubarak"s prisons again. I write this message waiting for pre dawn visitors after the campaign of incitement launched by Mousa. I know that the State Security Service gives him information about the persons whom it will detain so that the journalist of Al-Ahram newspaper tarnishes their image and accuse them of groundless charges.

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