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Military Tribunal Adjourns Session to Oct.1st
Military Tribunal Adjourns Session to Oct.1st
The Military Court trying case of engineer Khairat Al-Shater along with 39 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders was adjourned till next Monday, Oct.1st, 2007,
Wednesday, September 26,2007 10:34
The Military Court trying case of engineer Khairat Al-Shater along with 39 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders was adjourned till next Monday, Oct.1st, 2007, to be the 17th session of the seventh military court against the Muslim Brotherhood.
The security forces denied access to the court on Wednesday noon Khurrum Wahid, the US well-known human rights activist and a former legal advisor to the board of directors of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),and Mrs. Nurah Rosalie P. Jeter Amat’ullah, the US top human rights activist and a Founder and Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development (MWIRD). Both human rights activists were denied access to monitor also the fifteenth session of the military court, held last Monday.
" I am actually very concerned about these detainees and their health during this holy month " said the human rights activist Rosalie P Jeter after she was denied access to monitor today"s session .
The US lawyer Khurrum Wahid has demanded in Tuesday"s press conference Egyptian authorities to transfer engineer Khairat Al-Shater and other detained MB leaders to a civilian court.
Mohamed Toson, a member of the defence team for the MB detainees transferred to the military court, said in press statements that the financial report submitted to indict the MB detainees has no relation whatsoever with lawsuit submitted against the MB leaders, a money laundry case. The report claims that the Tax Authority hasn"t been notified of the real sums of money and that the capitals aren"t sufficient for running these companies. This means that these companies received loans. Toson accused the court of being politically ruled. This is proved by the unjustified quicker pace of the course of the trial in addition to the fact that the court doesn"t give the defense team a sufficient time to read and know the 8-volume report of the financial committee.
For his part, Ahmed Ghazi, a delegate of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, he voiced his deep concern over accelerating the pace of the military court and not giving the defense a sufficient period of time to be able to know the report of the financial committee. He confirmed that there are serious violations in the arrest and sequestering measures. He also lashed out at the fully identical testimonies of the prosecution witnesses- state security officers- and that they don"t give any clear answers during their interrogation.
The military tribunal against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders has raised an international outcry after the MB second deputy chairman, engineer Khairat Al-Shater and 39 MB top leaders were referred to this court, the seventh in the group"s history.

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