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Promises of Hunting Torture Suspected Officers in Al Fayyum Victim’s Conference
Promises of Hunting Torture Suspected Officers in Al Fayyum Victim’s Conference
"We will sue any one involved in any torture case", said Taher Abul Nasr lawyer of "Egyptians against Torture".
Saturday, September 29,2007 16:02
"We will sue any one involved in any torture case", said Taher Abul Nasr lawyer of "Egyptians against Torture".
Abul Nasr"s word"s weren’t a spur of the moment. He said since August, 13th seven cases of torture to death were traced. It has became clear that the new method of the Interior Ministry ranges between killing and torturing.
The lawyer at Hesham Mubarak legal aid centre confirmed, in a press conference held on Thursday at noon for discussing the issue of the death of Mohamed Al Dahshouri, that the cases are similar to each other. The victim may be drowned or dropped from the fourth floor. The Interior Ministry makes victims tortured to death decline to submit complaints for fear of the Interior Ministry. He demanded launching a campaign calling for a legislative amendment to laws related to torture because torture has become a systematic crime under the current Interior Ministry and it took a criminal form as it is committed on a daily basis and it reaches the point of death.
The conference, attended by many media figures, journalists and representatives of civil society and human rights organizations, focused on lashing out at systematic tortures committed inside police stations.
Eid Sayed Ramadan, the victim"s lawyer, accused Al Fayyum hospital of collaborating with the security service as it hid the report of the health of Al Fayyum victim. Ramadan did not detail to the press conference the requests that he will submit to the court.
Ramadan Al Dahshouri, the dead victim"s brother, spoke about the tough torturing that his brother faced as he was continuously tortured inside Bandar Al Fayyum police station for 7 hours.
"I went to submit a report but a police officer in the police station told me that by doing so I am complaining of the police and he refused to write the report", he said.
The police officer phoned officer Mohamed Gomaa who came ten minutes later with a former member of parliament called Mohamed Hashem.
"The testimony of the doctor about the dead victim. He first described his health condition as serious but when he saw the former member of parliament and officer Osama Gomaa he said that he is well. However, he demanded an X-ray carried out for him. The X-ray proved that he suffered from an internal bleeding. They demanded an urgent surgery which was carried out and cost 14 thousand pounds at Mecca hospital, and officer Osama told the victim"s brother that the surgery costs were paid by the former member of parliament Mohamed Hashem.
The surgery revealed serious cuts in the victim"s innards, liver kidney and spleen.
The dead man"s brother said that the officers" relatives offered them 150 thousand pounds but they refused to take the money.
Mostafa Awad, a member of parliament and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc for Al Fayum Governate, said in the conference that violating Egyptians" rights inside police stations has become systematic. He pointed out that this policy harms Egyptian interests. The MP denounced allegations that the Muslim Brotherhood is behind rumours that the president fell ill or that they are behind the Al Mahala labour strikes. He said the MB doesn"t exploit any crisis to its benefit. He demanded those involved in this crime be held accountable saying corrupt policemen tarnish the image of the police institution and Egypt. He demanded also the Interior Minister, Habib Al-Adli, to truly apply the slogan "Police is ate the service of the people" because this slogan is totally divorced from reality.

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