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51 Mansoura University Students to Disciplinary Boards
51 Mansoura University Students to Disciplinary Boards
At Mansoura University , 51 students were referred to disciplinary boards due to holding an artistic exhibition entitled "Revive your Life".
Saturday, October 6,2007 13:35
Only 3 weeks of beginning classes, a spate of investigations and dismissals hit Egyptian universities.
At Mansoura University , 51 students were referred to disciplinary boards due to holding an artistic exhibition entitled "Revive your Life".
The exhibition was held under a heavy security presence inside and outside the campus.
In the Faculty of Medicine, 11 students were sent to a disciplinary board along with 11 from the faculty of Pharmacy, 6 from the faculty of Engineering, 6 from the faculty of Commerce, 5 from the faculty of Dentistry, 4 from the faculty of Law, 3 from the faculty of Education, 3 from the faculty of veterinary medicine, 2 from the faculty of Science.
What raises eyebrows was that every student faced two complaints, one from the faculty guard chief approved by the faculty dean and the other was submitted by the university guard chief approved by University Vice Chairman for student affairs, showing the rising escalation against Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students.
Despite all harassments that the students faced while holding the exhibition, many students, more than 2000, flocked to see it.

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