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Abu Marzouk: No Dahlan Contact, Fatah-Hamas Dialogue a Must
Abu Marzouk: No Dahlan Contact, Fatah-Hamas Dialogue a Must
Dr Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy politburo chief of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, denied reports published by the London based "Al-Hayat " on Monday, Nov, 5th, 2007, that he held a phone call with Mohammad Dahlan
Tuesday, November 6,2007 10:48
by S. Abbadi IkhwanWeb
Dr  Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy politburo chief of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, denied reports published by the London based "Al-Hayat " on Monday, Nov, 5th, 2007, that he held a phone call with Mohammad Dahlan, the alleged leader of the coupist group inside Fatah, to discuss how to start talks again.
Abu Marzouk lamented that a newspaper like Al-Hayat publishes false news. "It should have contacted people concerned to know the authenticity of the news before publishing them ", he said.
A correspondent of Al-Hayat in Gaza Strip quoted what he called reliable sources saying " deputy politburo chief of the Hamas Movement, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk had a phone call with Mohammad Dahlan days ago, in which he called for " a break-up with the past and forgetting the infighting that erupted between both movements, and that he called on Dahlan" to open  a new chapter between both movements based on dialogue and cooperation for the sake of the Palestinian people. These sources claimed also that the current atmospheres of distrust between both parties prevented  Dahlan from responding to the call of Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk. Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk denied such a false piece of news.
In a related context, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk welcomed what he called a change of attitude in the stance of PA president Mahmoud Abbas towards the Inter-Palestinian dialogue as Hamas called on Hamas leaders to pray with him at Al-Muqata"a (Abbas" compound) in Ramallah last Friday, Nov, 2nd,2007. After the prayer, he received a delegation that included the former deputy prime minister Dr. Nasseruddin Al Shaer, And Hussein Abu Kuweik, Farag Abu Rummana, MP Ayman Draghma.
" Hamas policy is the same. It seeks holding an all-inclusive national dialogue. What changed iare policies of president Mahmoud Abbas, not policies of Hamas. President Abbas" policies were based on boycotting dialogue except with preconditions", said Abu Marzouk , wondering "why has this change taken place: is to launch a  dialogue with the movement to reach understandings around national files or is it for other targets?".
Abu Marzouk called on Abbas and Fatah leadership to start an unconditional national dialogue, saying:" What happened in Gaza should be a thing of the past. The current issues should be handled and solved objectively. What happened in Gaza was due against the backdrop of differences between the security services against the legitimate National Unity Government and actions slipped to reach the current situation. Therefore, we call for dialogue without any precondition. This is because we still don"t know what president Mahmoud Abbas means by Hamas retreat from what it carried out in Gaza, does he mean the return of the National Unity Government, or is it related to confirming the presidential decrees and Salam Fayyad"s government which doesn"t mean restoring situations to normal in Gaza. Therefore, it is better to start direct talks without any preconditions", said the Hamas leader.
Abu Marzouk denied that the Syrian leadership informed Abbas"s delegation- that visited Damascus last week- its approval to cancel the national conference held by groups opposing the US-brokered Fall conference. "The Syrian leadership approved then  the visit of delegation sent by president Mahmoud Abbas, refusing to discuss the national conference that will be held in Damascus in these talks because it is a Palestinian internal affair. Thus, it wasn"t discussed in the talks with the Palestinian delegation headed by Rawhi Fattouh, a member of Fatah"s Revolutionary Council, and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

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