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Farewell Journalists syndication’s staircase
Farewell Journalists syndication’s staircase
Really Farewell Journalists Syndication’s staircase down Cairo , you were the Hyde Park of not only Cairo but whole Egypt , the place where our voices would be heard even on a narrow range ,even if it was surrounded with tens or even hundreds of anti-riots vehicles !!
Saturday, November 17,2007 00:07
by Zeinobia Egyptianchronicles.blogspot

Really Farewell Journalists Syndication"s staircase down Cairo , you were the Hyde Park of not only Cairo but whole Egypt , the place where our voices would be heard even on a narrow range ,even if it was surrounded with tens or even hundreds of anti-riots vehicles !!

Farewell to the honourable role of the Journalists Syndication in Cairo to be the first defender of Freedom of expression and opinion in Egypt

Ladies and Gentle men

The pro-regime candidate Mr. Makram Mohammed Ahmed has won the elections of Journalists Syndication today and became the new the head of the Syndication

updated: Wow it seems the man won with a very big huge percentage about 70% !!!


Mr.Mohamed Ahmed won the elections and I hate to say it that it was expected despite our hopes and the journalists" hope that he would lose , but let"s face it the only recognizable name in this election was his , he was the only journalist applied for the job with a huge experience ,he was already elected as a head for the syndication in previous times

He claims that he is independent yet in fact he is a pro-regime journalist and already was the chief in editor of an official magazine weekly "El-Mosaar" and CEO of an official publishing house "The Halal"

Already the man had a huge support in the official media whether the newspapers or the TV , just last week I saw him appearing in one of the Ch.1 Political TV show "Dialogue Condition" -I know a silly name well wait till you see the TV presenter- he was alone and he seemed to speaking as if he were in war in order to restore thee Syndication from those who kidnapped it from the opposition and independent powers in the last previous two elections,seriously he kept speaking about those who are destroying the relations between the regime and journalism to those who turned the syndication in to their forum referring to the "Kafya" movement and its members in the syndication ,this came after his denial that he insulted Mohammed Abd El-Quds ,the famous "Kafya" member and the ex-head of the human rights committee in syndication.

Already the man made his number one priority to stop the protests on the Syndication Staircase , the Staircase which became a landmark after the police sexual harassed the ladies protesters from three years ago. I do not know whether he will turn the anti-regime staircase in to pro-regime staircase or he limit the protests to be on one day only per week

after being criticized for his constant attack on the Staircase , he said that he will permit the protests and stands to be only on Sundays , the reason is because it is a day off for the shops down towns !! It turned out that these protests "from his point of view" are the primary reason for the traffic jams in Cairo down town , I am sorry but it is the huge gathering of security forces from anti-riot forces and their huge big ugly blue and green vehicles with the security measures which are causing the traffic jams in Down town

Mr.Mohammed Ahmed by the way played on a very important factor we can"t ignore which is the financial status for Journalists , the salaries ,the low salaries which unfortunately most of the Egyptian journalists are suffering from . Makram promised a raise in both the salaries and the pensions.

One point for Mr.Ahmed is that he is not corrupted like the other CEOs or Chief in editors of official newspapers or magazines and that"s why My grand father respected him and it is a true thing , he is not a thief like Ibrahim Na"af and Samir Ragab , this is just to be fair and honest and he is famous during his previous periods that he made a good job in the health care and so on ,well at least that what I understood from my late grand father

I don"t know what is going to be next

It is a blow for sure for the independence of the famous most heard about syndication in the country. I will not have predictions what so ever , yet I know that journalists in courts will not have a powerful protective support like they used to have from their syndication

in the end I would like to send my all respect and admiration to the former head of the Syndication Mr.Jalal Araf wishing him a speed recovery from the stroke he suffered from

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