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TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: The Muslim Brotherhood
TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: The Muslim Brotherhood
Friday, December 21,2007 03:19
Start:  Tuesday, October 16, 2007  8:45 AM
End:  Tuesday, October 16, 2007  5:15 PM
Mayflower Hotel
8:45 – 9:15           Breakfast and Introduction
Download file MB Transcript, Fradkin

9:15 – 11:15         The Muslim Brotherhood’s Place and Role in the Islamist Universe
 Download file MB Transcript, Panel 1


·        Hillel Fradkin (Hudson Institute)
·        Gilles Kepel (Fondation Nationale des Science Politiques-Paris)


11:15 – 11:30       Lunch Break

11:30 – 1:30         American Salafism: The Brotherhood in the United States
Download file MB Transcript, Panel 2


·        Husain Haqqani (Boston University)
·        Rod Dreher (Dallas Morning News)
·        Zeyno Baran (Hudson Institute)


1:30 – 3:00           Between Jihad and “Islamic Democracy”: The MB in the Middle East
Download file MB Transcript, Panel 3


·        Hassan Mnemneh (Iraq Memory Foundation)
·        Israel Elad-Altman (Interdisplinary Center at Herzliya)


3:00 – 3:15           Coffee Break


3:15 – 4:45           The Islamic Movement in the New World: The MB in Europe
Download file MB Transcript, Panel 4


·        Eric Brown (Hudson Institute)
·        Ian Johnson (Wall Street Journal)
·        Nasser Khader (Danish Parliament)

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