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On YouTube, a U.S. soldier reacts to the Huckabee-Ron Paul debate on Iraq. WATCH THIS!
On YouTube, a U.S. soldier reacts to the Huckabee-Ron Paul debate on Iraq. WATCH THIS!
On YouTube, a U.S. soldier reacts to the Huckabee-Ron Paul debate on Iraq. WATCH THIS!
Saturday, January 12,2008 20:47

"Some have questioned my authenticity, but I am not a fake. I have recently returned from a 14 month deployment in Iraq and am now on reservist status. The purpose of this video is to express my frustration like many soldiers about the discrepancies between my experience in Iraq and the perception that the everaga citizen holds. More than ever, citizens must understand the situation in Iraq. Peace."

This is the message that originally accompanied the soldier"s video when it was first posted on YouTube. It has since been removed but not before it had been reposted elsewhere.

The unnamed soldier comments on the Iraq exchange between Republican presidential hopefuls Ron Paul, R-Texas, and Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, during a debate on Saturday January 5. He especially takes issue with Huckabee"s claim that the U.S. soldiers in Iraq are fighting "with honor."

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