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Tue927 2022

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Sobhi Saleh : Military Trial is a 100% political bill
Sobhi Saleh : Military Trial is a 100% political bill
The military tribunal against 40 Muslim Brotherhood(MB) leaders which had remained under public spotlight for more than a year is nearly close to an end today(Monday Feb. 11, 2007).
Monday, February 11,2008 17:02
The military tribunal against 40 Muslim Brotherhood(MB) leaders which had remained under public spotlight for more than a year is nearly close to an end today(Monday Feb. 11, 2007).
Today’s last session, which witnesses the last pleading of the defense team before the release of the court’s verdict, is attended by a number of distinguished figures and Human Rights activists as Cindy Sheehan, an anti-war activist who drew an international attention after staging a peaceful demonstration concerning the case of Iraq, Mahdy Bray, executive director of Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation, and US famous media figure, Tiffany Burns, who came to declare her solidarity with the MB leaders tried in military courts.
It is noteworthy that the US former congressman and Human rights activist “Walter A. Fauntroy” was expected to attend today’s last tribunal, but has delayed his visit to Egypt to tomorrow.
A number of expectations have been raised around the military court’s verdict for this case.
Sobhi Saleh, a MP and member in the MB defense-panel, expected nothing but innocence concerning the court’s verdict today.
He added in his statement to Ikhwanweb that such tribunal is unconstitutional and civilians should never be referred to military tribunals from the beginning.
He also believed the verdict would certainly declare the innocence of all of the MB detainees, and that the worst that could happen was to have almost a 3 year-sentence for third the number of the detainees, while the others would be released soon.
Sobhi stated that the verdict would undoubtedly declare innocence due to many reasons; saying that the accusations on the case have proven to be false.
He also discussed the legal situation saying that the investigations and what the witnesses said during the continuous sessions have proven to be fabricated and incorrect, adding that the accusation of money laundry have not been proven.
On the other hand, Sameeh Khris of the Amnesty International, told Ikhwanweb that he came to the Haikstep military base as a representative of the Amnesty International in order to monitor the procedures of the session.
Adding that his presence in the military base where the sessions are held is quite impartial. He said that representatives from Amnesty International have been denied access to the such sessions in Egypt more than once, yet the organization continues on its role of sending representatives to monitor the sessions.
He also stated that the act of denying access to Human Rights activists and International monitors in Egypt is contradicted with the principle of declaration and transparency of military tribunals, which represents an International constitutional rule.
The Amnesty International representative added that such measurements done by the Egyptian authority makes everyone wonder about the real reasons behind referring those men to such tribunals.
It’s noteworthy that Sobhi Saleh of the MB defense-panel said during his pleading that the case is totally political.
Politically speaking, it"s possible for the regime to freeze declaration of verdicts against MB defendants until the Muslim Brotherhood define its stance regarding the municipal elections. Most assuredly, this unfair trial is a 100% political bill.

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