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120 Al-Azhar Students To Disciplinary Boards
120 Al-Azhar Students To Disciplinary Boards
Al-Azhar University administration referred 120 students universitywide to disciplinary boards, starting from Wednesday
Sunday, May 13,2007 00:00
by Ikhwanweb
Al-Azhar University administration referred 120 students universitywide to disciplinary boards, starting from Wednesday May, 9, 2007 until later next week, a move the students described as a malicious trick to deny them access to second term exams scheduled to be held a few days later .
It is worth mentioning that the students referred to the fake disciplinary boards are the ones who were detained in mid Dec 2006 on charges of participating in forming paramilitary formations which pose a threat to the regime, according to the state security allegations; this activity was actually and athletic display performed by twenty students from physical education faculty while protesting at dismissing eight fellow students for their participation in the elections of a makeshift free students union .
The students said that the university is trying to make a foul play, as it ignored investigating with them during the last months and after court acquittals more than three months ago; the university is currently investigating with the students for ill intentions, including harming the students’ studies ahead of the exams, especially that some of them are first seeded leading students, add the students.
The administration ill intention is manifested in the expected dismissal of the students for a month, a sufficient time for the university to prevent the students from attending the exams of this academic year .
Although these disciplinary boards are linked with the fake paramilitary formations, the university administration violated the Higher State Security Prosecution as much as the charges against the students are concerned; it accused them of belonging to an outlawed group, distributing leaflets inciting the students to revolutionize and fight the current regime.
The students who attended the disciplinary boards on Wednesday, said that the investigations were formal as usual in Al-Azhar University, and were attended by faculty principals and without attendance of the lawyers of the students; some investigators told the students that the result of the investigations of the disciplinary boards are still unknown, and that they will be decided upon orders from the State Security Service.
For his part, lawyer Jamal Al-Din, a member of the Egyptian bar association and lawyer of the students- will file a lawsuit to the Egyptian justice to suspend the disciplinary boards and postpone them until after the next exams scheduled within days; he said that the Muslim Brotherhood students are not objecting to the disciplinary boards themselves, because there is nothing to convict them over these fabricated charges.
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