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Beltagi: MB Will Continue Fighting Corruption Through Peaceful Channels
Beltagi: MB Will Continue Fighting Corruption Through Peaceful Channels
Mohamed Al Beltagi, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, denied claims that the group incites people to adopt violence in response to Egyptian government violation in the run up to the Municipal elections scheduled to held next April, 8th.
Tuesday, March 18,2008 16:22

Mohamed Al Beltagi, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, denied claims that the group is inciting the public in order to create violence in retaliation to the latest government aggressions against its members.
Beltagi was responding to questions during the TV show "Cairo Today" aired on the Egyptian Orbit satellite Channel on Saturday with MPs Maher Al Darba from for the National Democratic Part (NDP) and Mostafa Shirdy for Al-Wafd opposition party. Beltagi reiterated the Muslim Brotherhood acceptance of democracy based on political plaurlism and peaceful transfer of power, and that the nation is the source of authorities.
The Muslim Brotherhood believes that seeking reform, change and confronting corruption and tyranny should take place according to peaceful methods, and through constitutional and legal channels, he said.
Beltagi pointed out that the National Democratic Party government used a kind of political bullying to prevent potential candidates from running for the municipal elections by declining to accept their registeration documents and in some cases even kidnapping or arresting candidates themselves from the street after they have already registered for elections.

"There are about 180 MB potential candidates behind bars who were arrested after they registered to run for the elections" Beltagi said.
Beltagi added that authorities refused to implement more than 2000 court orders supporting the candidates right to run for the elections.
He also denounced the National Democratic Party’s monopoly of the local councils for the last three decades, and its faliure to address and resolve many major problems facing ordinary citizens including shortage of bread and flour, bulidings collapses, rising gas prices and corruption.

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