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Hamas Welcomes Carter-Mashaal Meeting, Israel Condemns
Hamas Welcomes Carter-Mashaal Meeting, Israel Condemns
Israel has condemned a meeting of Jimmy Carter; former president of America , with Khaled Meshaal; head Hamas politburo in Damascus , during his tour in the region.
Monday, April 14,2008 12:19

Israel has condemned a meeting of Jimmy Carter; former U.S. president , with Khaled Meshaal; head of Hamas Bureau in Damascus , during his tour in the region.

"Such a meeting would be all the more shameful as Jimmy Carter symbolizes peace", said senior Israeli defense ministry official Amos Gilad.

"Meeting Hamas leaders means supporting such a movement that doesn"t fulfill the minimum provisions set by the international community for beginning such a dialogue; i.e. recognition of Israel and all agreements with the Palestinian Liberation Authority (PLA)", he added.

However, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, Musheer al-Misry has welcomed the meeting which will be take place  this week. Commenting on Gilad"s statement, he said that such statements are expected from the Israeli occupation leaders who want to isolate the Palestinian issue and Hamas from the entire world despite being the legitimate representative of the Palestinians according to the recent legislative election

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