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Final Session of MB Military Tribunal today
Final Session of MB Military Tribunal today
The final session of military tribunal against 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, harshly criticized by International and Arab human rights organizations, is expected to be held today morning (April 15).
Monday, April 14,2008 12:28
by Nadine Abdullah IkhwanWeb

 The final session of military tribunal of 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, criticized by International and Arab human rights organizations, is expected to be held on Tuesday morning April 15 

A delegate from international human rights organizations will be attending today’s session including Dr. Haytham Manna’, spokesman of the Arab Commission for Human Rights (ACHR), and Dr. Ammar Al-Qurabi, spokesman for the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria (AOHR-S) and envoy of the UN High Commission for Human Rights.
The final session of military tribunals was previously postponed twice, on Feb. 26 and on March 25 , 2008, in a step that was believed by many analysts to be much related to the April municipal elections, saying that the government postponed the final session to press the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the run-up of municipal elections.

Lead defense attorny Abdel Monem Abdel Maksood said to statement to Daily Star News that decisions of postponing taken by the court are “a clear evidence that the military judiciary system is not independent and that all the statements indicating that it is are nothing but lies.”

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