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Internet Campaign in Egypt to Boycott National Newspapers
Internet Campaign in Egypt to Boycott National Newspapers
Under the motto of "No for Perversion…No for Falsification", a group of internet bloggers and forums has launched its popular campaign for boycotting the Egyptian official papers (Al-Ahram, Al-Akhbaar, Al-Jumhuria, and al-Mesaa), because they allude and conceal the facts of the political and living conditions of the Egyptians, especially after recent local elections, April 6th strike, and al-Mahalla events.
Tuesday, April 15,2008 17:32

Under the motto of "No for Deception, No for Falsification" a group of internet bloggers launched a campaign to boycott Egyptian national papers (Al-Ahram, Al-Akhbaar, Al-Jumhuria, and al-Mesaa), for misleading the public regarding heated political issues and reporting false economic data to boost the image of the ruling National Democratic Party. The group was also angry at the newspapers’ coverage of the April 6 strike and confrontations with police in al-Mahalla which was biased towards the government.

The campaign called for free journalism which address the peoples’ concerns and interests without bias to a government or party and shouldn"t mislead the people in favor of the government, according to statement criculating on the internet. The group also criticized the pro-government stance covering the recent developments in Gaza and the wave of verbal attacks against Palestinians. 


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