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Sobhi Saleh: Gov’t Tarnishes Egypt’s Image
Sobhi Saleh: Gov’t Tarnishes Egypt’s Image
Sobhi Saleh (Assistant Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc) accused the Egyptian government of tarnishing Egypt’s image because of its increasing violations of human rights, he told Ikhwanweb.
Tuesday, July 8,2008 07:54
by ikhwanWeb IkhwanWeb

obhi Saleh (Assistant Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc) accused the Egyptian government of tarnishing Egypt"s image because of its increasing violations of human rights, he told Ikhwanweb.


“Though we emphasize that human rights in Egypt are worsening, we do refuse the use of the poor conditions of human rights to interfere in the internal Egyptian affairs by international powers,” he said.



American Brookings Institute reported that the Egyptian human rights file stirs international anxiety, and that Cairo’s despotic government adopts torture and persecution policies against political prisoners and religious minorities.


In its report that has been published by Washington Post, the institute stated that Egypt impedes efforts that seek resolving human rights issues. The same thing happened with Sudan and Zimbabwe that tried to silence the NGOs in Geneva.


The institute stated that the African NGOs opposed the nomination of Egypt as a head of the Human Rights Council (HRC) at the UN.


Egypt has been nominated six months ago without being challenged by any country. But 42 NGOs representing 20 states sent letters to all presidents of African countries calling for opposing such nomination for the HRC’s head.


It has been improbable that the NGOs demands would succeed due to Egypt’s operative diplomacy at the UN; nevertheless they could persuade the countries not to support a rights-violating country as a head of the HRC. Instead, Nigeria was elected last week.


"This is a real victory for the NGOs allover the world," the report stated.

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