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39 Intellects Submit Document about Egypt’s Future
39 Intellects Submit Document about Egypt’s Future
Al-Masry Al-Youm got a copy of a document about the future situation in Egypt. The document was prepared by 39 intellects and thinkers of various inclinations. It is expected to be announced in a few days’ time and put up for public societal discussion.
Friday, July 25,2008 11:38
by Mohamed Azzam Al-Masrey Al-Youm

Al-Masry Al-Youm got a copy of a document about the future situation in Egypt. The document was prepared by 39 intellects and thinkers of various inclinations. It is expected to be announced in a few days" time and put up for public societal discussion.


The document was entitled "Egypt"s future towards a democratic, civil and modern state" in which each Egyptian citizen will enjoy (social, economic and cultural) security, dignity (rights and participation) and justice (law and no discrimination).


The document first appeared eight months ago when late prime minister Aziz Sedki and leaderships of what was called at that time "national front for change" convened to consider Egypt" future.


The conferees tried to reach a plan of action in this regard. They agree on holding another meeting. Then they met a week later. Spokesman for the national front asked them to have a document enjoying national consensus among all Egyptians regardless of their inclinations, religions and affiliations. They then held several meetings at different venues.


In an invitation he sent to dozens of thinkers and politicians to take part in the document, Sedki said the regime could have lead the change process not only in the structure of officials but also in policies and effective systems.


The regime did not inject new blood in the state institutions during the past years to bring about the aspired change to enhance the masses" confidence. To the contrary, the gap between the rule and the masses widened, as the economic policies led to more sufferings for the vast majority of the people and the corruption ran rampant.


Sedki said, "We seek, in an atmosphere of faithfulness and tolerance, to give Egypt (citizens, civil and political trends) such a great hope for bringing about a genuine change."


Dozens of thinkers and politicians were enthusiastic about the idea and started to take place in the implementation. After start, the document suffered a setback after its architect, Sedki, died. But after a while the participants continued their meetings. They included liberals, Muslim Brotherhood, socialists, independents and members of the ruling party.


The document suffered another setback after one of the key activists died namely former health minister and Shura Council member Mahmoud Mahfouz. But after that the meetings started on a weekly basis. Then the document was sent to a group of senior writers such as Mahmoud Awad, Salam Ahmed Salama, Salaheddin Hafez, Saad Hagras Gamil Matar and Nabil Helmi.


The undersigned of the document intends to send it to President Hosni Mubarak, People"s Assembly Speaker Fatehi Sorour, Shura Council Speaker Safwat el-Sherif and all executive and legislative leaderships.


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