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Jordan: Better Prospects for MB-State Relations
Jordan: Better Prospects for MB-State Relations
Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has managed to overcome the organizational troubles that continued for the last two years and is about to safely pass through the most difficult juncture throughout the history of the group within the country. Though trying to belittle the size of these differences, MB leaders realize the strong impact on all the MB; leaders and members, due to the recent crisis.
Wednesday, August 6,2008 14:21

Jordan"s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has managed to overcome the organizational troubles that continued for the last two years and is about to safely pass through the most difficult juncture throughout the history of the group within the country. Though trying to belittle the size of these differences, MB leaders realize the strong impact on all the MB; leaders and members, due to the recent crisis.

The principal element that helped them successfully and exceptionally manage the recent Shura (consultation) Council meeting was the rapprochement between the state and both the Brotherhood and Hamas; this urged MB key wings reconsider the strategies, change the former policy, create indications of understanding between both the dovish and medium wing and the fourth trend that comprise the youth generation inside the Brotherhood who were previously united before Hamas leaders went out of Jordan late in 1999.

Certain MB leaders have indications that the coming period will witness a calm as well as rapprochements between them and state, particularly after the signs of the change of the relation with Hamas. Meetings with the head of the general intelligence was pursued by positive indications such as freezing the relocations of the MB from the Islamic Society Center, promises of solving the cases like the security one before the state security court, and allowing for the organization of ceremonies at Al-Israa and Al-Meraj Islamic ceremony at the Roman Theater sponsored by the state.

In contrary to the dialogue of the “hawkish” trend inside the group (that the rapprochement resulted from the strength of their statements), the objective analysis indicates that real events and the shift of the regional and internal equation are the key reasons for such political openness.

Regionally, President Abbas’ stance is weaker even in the West Bank, but Hamas could overcome the difficulties and remain in power in Gaza and enhancing the power with the truce agreement with Israel.

On the other hand, Hamas’ politburo doesn’t seem to feel at ease with the relations with Damascus; specifically after the Turkey- mediated negotiations between Syria and Israel and within the signs of regional shifts making Hamas, Iraqi resistance, and the Lebanese equation important elements for the big deal.

Further, having strategic relations with Jordan, Hamas could feel at safe harbor since its establishment of the political bureau in Jordan till the relations deadlock in 1999.

Brotherhood sources indicated that meetings included dialogues between Hamas and Brotherhood leaders for discussing the Brotherhood crisis and Hamas’ stance. Independent source said that Hamas leaders in Damascus stressed the importance of not being involved in the ousting of Salim Al-Falahaat or the internal troubles within the Brotherhood. Therefore, Hamas leaders helped the Brotherhood overcome such a crisis and helping the Shura council meeting result in withdrawing the resignations signed by the group’s dovish wing that was halted by Dr. Abdullatif Arabiyat; head of the Brotherhood’s Shura Council.

The group seems to be reconsidering the internal issues and have different strategy with the regime including new relation between the Islamists and the Jordanian regime.

Reconsidering the internal issues inside the group needs adaptation with the regime and changes in the decision makers within the group; especially after the emergence of new stronger opposition trend within the political game in Jordan.

Medium and dovish wing welcomed the positive situation pursued by the fourth trend to subdue the recent crisis. Every wing tries to assume a duty either overpowering the organizational crisis or curbing internal disputes.

I don’t mean that the Brotherhood relations with go radically different, but that there will be more comfortable and fruitful dialogue between different wings whose indications began during the recent Shura meetings.

However, official reports give no clear indications regarding the former meetings though having practical signs serves such interpretations. But we can say that the relation between the regime and the Islamists and Hamas passes through testing good faiths and orientations to disclose the futuristic perspectives relating to the internal and external changes.


*Translated into English by Ikhwanweb. Original Article in Arabic can be found at: http://www.alghad.jo/?article=9926

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