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Interior Ministry Refuses To Release Paralyzed MB
Interior Ministry Refuses To Release Paralyzed MB
The Egyptian Ministry of Interior refused an appeal by lawyer of Muslim Brotherhood paralyzed prisoner Muhammad Nasim Al-Danasouri to release him for medical reasons.
Monday, August 18,2008 07:07

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior refused an appeal by lawyer of Muslim Brotherhood paralyzed prisoner Muhammad Nasim Al-Danasouri to release him for medical reasons.


Al-Danasouri has been arrested among 38 others from the coastal city of Baltim last month.


Though the detainees were acquitted by Kafr El Sheikh Court after an appeal, the Interior Ministry rearrested them.



Lawyer of the prisoner indicated that despite the deteriorating health conditions of Al-Danasouri within Wadi Annatroun prison, the Interior Ministry has denied him medical treatment even in the prison hospital, which made him develop paralysis in the right side of his body.

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