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Morsy: "Reforms and Conserves," Foreign Terms Desperately Try To Invade MB After Failing To Stop It
In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Morsi (Member of the MB Executive Bureau), denied the circulating rumor of the existence of "reformists and conservatives" within the movement describing the terms as foreign to the MB.
Wednesday, September 17,2008 20:48

 In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Morsy (Member of the MB Executive Bureau, chairman of political section) , rejected the circulating rumor of the existence of "reformists and conservatives" within the movement describing the terms as foreign to the MB.  Morsy explained that there are neither extremists nor negligent; nor those who disregard some aspects of Islam or others wanting to add to it. Morsy also strongly denied the presence of disagreement over the MB’s basic strategic vision or methodology based on the true and comprehensive understanding of Islam.


Disagreement  coming from some members, though very small in numbers, may occur in some incidents, Morsy added, but only over the means, not the basic thought and concept of the MB.  This, Morsy explained, is both permissible and a natural outcome of shura practiced at the different leadership levels within the movement while maintaining the original methodology.  Morsy further stressed that all MB members believe in and abide by this comprehensive moderate methodology commenting, "He who says otherwise, is talking about other people, not the MB."


Morsy also cautioned against these terms which aim at propagating the idea that there is a path other than that actually followed by the movement and described the MB’s course as harmonious giving a number of examples such as their entrance into the elections, which the MB perceive as one of the peaceful means for reform, when they all had abided by whatever decisions were reached through the process of shura.  Another example is the party’s platform, which researchers and writers had raised a few points about leading to the surfacing of another view which might not have found general acceptance. But after the movement clarified its stance based on shura, all complied.


Individuals in the movement are united in their voices and firmly established convictions and enjoy a wide scope of freedom to express their views  and opinions, Morsy stressed. He further accused western and eastern Zionism and its new right-wing extremists of their ill intentions for the muslim nation, especially the proactive movement of the MB describing their claims of the existence of "reformists and conservatives" as, over-all, harmful to the movement as well as an attempt to invade it internally, after their attempts to stop its growing influence had failed.


Morsy asserted that the MB is a comprehensive Islamic authority as it is a group of Muslims who have embraced the comprehensive meaning of worshipping and the way of life preached by the Prophet Mohamed (Peace and blessings be upon him), a complete methodology by which all of life’s affairs- social, economic, cultural, and political- are put into order.  It is the same methodology which adopts peaceful and constitutional means in its struggle, as Imam Hasan el-Banna (Founder of the MB movement) had said adding, "for the Muslim Brotherhood neither believe in nor practice violence, and they condemn it from any source, whether individuals, authorities, or states

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