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Hamas condemns
Hamas condemns "false" media reports on rift between grassroots and leadership
RAMALLAH, The Hamas Movement in the West Bank has categorically denied Sunday the "false" reports on a deep rift between Hamas’s base and the Movement’s leadership in the West Bank.
Monday, October 6,2008 04:10

"We don’t know where did Awad get his information from? Is it rational and logical for a professional journalist [like Awad] to cite names like Ibrahim… Zaid… Khaled, etc…, and to include them in his report [as authentic] sources without citing a single concrete event on the ground to substantiate the allegations? Indeed, the official stand of Hamas was to restore Palestinian national unity, and we believe that no one in Hamas deviates from this stand", the Movement underlined in the statement.


The Movement also reacted to the "tempest in a teapot" that was circulated after the Movement"s branch in Al-Khalil city issued a statement on "close decisive hour in the West Bank", underlining that the statement was  deliberately taken out of the context by Fatah media outlets.


"The report was clear and self-explanatory that the PA project would end in failure and collapse if it continues to coordinate with the Israeli occupation government against the Palestinian people", the Movement pointed out.


It also stressed that Hamas was "deriving its credibility and trust from the Palestinian people, whom Hamas considers as the only capital; and thus, the Movement was confident of its strength and continuity anytime and under any circumstances because the Palestinian people know who Hamas is, and know that Hamas had come to bail them out of the Israeli repressive occupation and to save them from the hands which tampered with their future and their noble cause for personal advances and narrow factional interests".

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