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Agha: The IOA executes
Agha: The IOA executes "agricultural holocaust" against olive trees
GAZA, Palestinian agriculture minister Dr. Mohammed Ramadan Al-Agha has accused Tuesday the Israeli occupation authorities of carrying out an agricultural holocaust in
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Thursday, October 9,2008 10:23


GAZA, Palestinian agriculture minister Dr. Mohammed Ramadan Al-Agha has accused Tuesday the Israeli occupation authorities of carrying out an agricultural holocaust in Palestine with the aim to destroy the olive season for this year.


He cited the persistent aggressions of the Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers against the Palestinian farmers, especially in the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley and the occupied city of Jerusalem among other cities.


In a press conference he held in Gaza on the matter, Agha accused the Israeli occupation soldiers of assisting the settlers in blocking Palestinian farmers and denying them access to cultivate their farms.


He said that such Israeli practices would inflict big losses on olive producers this year that will also add to the losses inflicted on the farmers as a result of burning the olive trees and confiscating their lands at the hands of the IOF troops and the armed Israeli settlers.


But in spite of those Israeli measures against them, Agha asserted, the Palestinian farmers remained adherent to and steadfast on their lands, highlighting that the olive tree is considered "the land, the honor, the roots, and the history" for the Palestinian people.


He also stressed that his ministry would preserve the stability of the olive oil prices in the local market as it had done over the past two years by banning the importat of foreign olive oil.


The ministry also called on the Palestinian farmers to be vigilant, and not to be deceived by the Israeli traders who, according to Agha exploit the poor economic condition of the farmers and buy the olive oil at low prices before selling it in the foreign market at high price.


The Palestinian olive oil is known for its excellent quality, and classified to be one of the best in the world.


In this regard, Agha hailed foreign sympathizers for their support to the Palestinian farmers and for helping them in harvesting their olive groves, urging foreign and Arab charities to give the Palestinian olive oil priority in buying and marketing it in the local and foreign markets.


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