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Morsy:  Zionism Distorts Image of Countries It Exists In And Works Against Their Interests
Morsy: Zionism Distorts Image of Countries It Exists In And Works Against Their Interests
In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Mohamed Morsy (Executive Bureau Member and Chairman of the Political Department of the Muslim Brotherhood) accused the
Monday, October 13,2008 03:44


In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Dr.  Mohamed Morsy (Executive Bureau Member and Chairman of the Political Department of the Muslim Brotherhood) accused the Zionist movement of distorting the image of the countries that allow  it  to exist in as it acts against its interests to achieve its own aims by blackmailing institutions, countries, and political regimes.  Morsy particularly held it accountable for the bad U.S. image it has created by inciting hatred against Americans as a result of their government"s double standard behavior and Zionism  practices ..


Morsy  explained that the Zionism  media has persistently distorted the image of anyone who stood up for rights as it has distorted the image of the MB which  is an Islamic authority that  adopts a peaceful approach to reform  and renounces violence.  Morsy added that Zionism purposely tries to distort the image of the MB by linking them with issues and movements they have nothing to do with  affirming that these campaigns have no influence on the rational who are able to distinguish between the MB and others.


Concerning the accusation of MB"s pursuit of an Islamic State in the U.S., Morsy described it as ridiculous and  nonsense claims  as no rational person would talk about an Islamic State in a country whose majority is non-Muslim.  Morsy clarified that when MBs talk of such an aim they are referring to their countries and people restating the declaration previously announced that all MBs are to serve their countries according to the constitutions and laws that govern their countries  according to the Islamic principles and manners .  Morsy added clarifying, "I have a mission, though, which is to convey the correct message and understanding of Islam to others "


Morsy stressed that Zionism is what in fact represents danger to the world referring to statistics from Europe indicating that Zionist in Palestine ( The so-called Jewish state ) represents the first threat to world peace.  Morsy  further accused Zionism of confusing people adding that   we must explain the reality of Islam .


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