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15 Protests By Peasants In A Month
15 Protests By Peasants In A Month
The study confirmed that the policy of impoverishment which the government follows, led to the decline in the living conditions of the peasants; which pushed them to protest.
Wednesday, October 22,2008 08:04
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

A study prepared by Awladelard Foundation for Human Rights revealed that peasants have made15 peasant"s protest during the month of September the last, included three sits-in, six demonstrations and six crowds which led to the death of 25 farmers and 43 injured last September, in addition to injuring 29 citizens in the bread line.
The study confirmed that the policy of impoverishment which the government follows, led to the decline in the living conditions of the peasants; which pushed them to protest.

The study warned of a revolution by peasants against arbitrary governmental policies that fight them in having their children"s food.

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