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Postponing Case Of Preventing
Postponing Case Of Preventing "Breaking Gaza Siege" Campaign To Oct. 28
Egypt Security Forces Prevent "Breaking Gaza Siege" Convoy
The Court of Administrative Justice, headed by Chancellor Mohamed Attiya, decided to postpone the case of preventing "Breaking Gaza Siege" campaign, to the session of next Tuesday, October 28, 2008
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Thursday, October 23,2008 04:00
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

The Court of Administrative Justice, headed by Chancellor Mohamed Attiya, decided to postpone the case of preventing "Breaking Gaza Siege" campaign, to the session of next Tuesday, October 28, 2008.

In the context of pleading, the plaintiffs" lawyers filed a memorandum includes the Foreign Minister"s unfair statements against the Palestinian people, they also presented a book entitled "The infrastructure of Gaza siege.. Four agreements and 30 states to stifle the crossing" by Eng. Mohamed Saif al-Dawlah, through which they revealed that the agreements which have been held between Egypt And the Zionist State, prevent the two sides from smuggling drugs and weapons, not to prevent humanitarian relief convoys.

Gamal Tag Addin, the plaintiffs" lawyer confirmed that they have confidence in the Egyptian judiciary"s decision which examines the filed case urgently, to erase the shame attached to the Egyptian government as a result of its preventing the relief convoys.
MP Hazem Farouq, member of the parliamentary bloc of Muslim Brotherhood in People"s Assembly and one of the plaintiffs, said: "These convoys have no political relationship", stressing that they will be sent to the besieged Palestinian people.
The Lawsuit was filed by Dr. Ahmed Rami, member of Pharmacists Syndicate, along with 25 members of the People"s Committee to break the siege of Gaza, against: the President, Major General Habib el-Adli, Minister of the Interior Ministry, and Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Minister of Defense, to challenge against the government"s decision to prevent "Breaking Gaza siege" convoy recently.

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