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Haneyya government: Abbas’s speech proved his irresponsibility
Haneyya government: Abbas’s speech proved his irresponsibility
The Palestinian caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya strongly denounced the speech made Tuesday by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas which included misinformation and deception, saying that his speech was prepared by a group of liars and proved his irresponsibility.
Wednesday, November 12,2008 09:30
The Palestinian caretaker government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya strongly denounced the speech made Tuesday by PA chief Mahmoud Abbas which included misinformation and deception, saying that his speech was prepared by a group of liars and proved his irresponsibility.

"The man is not worthy of the leadership of the Palestinian people; he is part of the crisis and not part of the solution and he destroyed the bridges of rapport and dialog," the government underlined in a statement received by the PIC.
The statement said that Abbas"s speech clearly offended the anniversary of late PA president Yasser Arafat and included explicit recognition of his involvement in the siege on the Gaza Strip and a cover for continuing to undermine the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their resistance in the West Bank.

For his part, Sa"eed Siyam, the interior minister, strongly criticized Abbas"s speech in which he attacked Hamas and renewed his denial of presence of hundreds of political detainees in his jails.

In a brief statement published on the ministry"s website, Siyam underscored that Abbas"s language reflected the psychological and moral crisis experienced by the PA team in Ramallah.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stated that Abbas did not speak as a president of the Palestinian people but he talked in an abominable partisan way after he failed to sow dissension between Hamas and the Palestinian factions.

In a press interview with the PIC reporter, Dr. Ismail Radwan, a prominent Hamas leader, condemned Abbas"s speech as narrow, partisan and a provocative speech against the Palestinian people.

Dr. Radwan also refuted Abbas"s allegations about the absence of a US veto on the national dialog with Hamas, pointing out that Abbas"s words were clear to the US secretary of state, where he denied the presence of political detainees in his jails and at the same time he pledged to hunt Hamas cadres and the Palestinian resistance fighters.

The Hamas leader noted that Abbas knows well that he has failed to incite the Arab countries against Hamas because the reality proved that it is a Movement making sacrifices and maintaining the Palestinian rights and constants.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Dr. Isam Al-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim brotherhood group in Egypt, called on the Egyptian officials and the parties concerned with the inter-Palestinian dialog to prepare first the appropriate atmosphere for the success of dialog and not to be biased to one party against another.

Dr. Arian also called for studying the reasons for not implementing what had been agreed upon in previous agreements between Hamas and Fatah.

He also noted that the dialog failed because it was intended for saving the legitimacy of the PA chief who has been practicing his negotiation role for years without reaching a tangible result.

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