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Egypt Rights Groups Denounce IOF Nazi Massacre
Egypt Rights Groups Denounce IOF Nazi Massacre
Scores of the Egyptian human rights organizations slammed in their strongly-worded statements the barbaric massacre against Gaza Strip at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).
Wednesday, December 31,2008 02:43

Scores of the Egyptian human rights organizations slammed in their strongly-worded statements the barbaric massacre against Gaza Strip at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

Right organizations demanded the Arabic Institute for Supporting Civil Society and Human Rights (Egypt) to litigate the Israeli war criminals who went through the aggression on Gaza while ignoring the UN Charter and international agreements for human rights.

Organizations hold the Arab regimes responsible for the atrocities taking place in Gaza since they shunned from their presumed role in forcing the IOF to stop this holocaust.

Sawasya Center for Human Rights and Combating Discrimination called on the international community to intervene and put an end to the Israeli violations and atrocities against the Palestinians and provide international safety for civilians and ensure the freedom of choice and self-determination.

The center appealed for the international and Arab organization as well as the entire world to furnish urgent humanitarian and medical aids for the beleaguered Gaza because the Palestinian hospitals lack the material capabilities to aid and cure hundreds of those injured due to the barbaric Zionist holocaust.

Egyptian Association for Supporting Democratic Development (EASDD) echoed the rights organizations in their demands and called for stopping the siege on Gaza and allowing for medical and humanitarian assistance to reach the Gazans. It called on the US to cease disclosed and shameful support of the Israeli"s atrocities against humanity since it violates all international charters and agreements on human rights.

 It called on the US to condemn such carnage and asserted that the US endorsement of Israel hikes the anti-America spirit all over the world, increases violence, reinforces hatred and revenge in the region, and devastates the peace process in the Middle East.

Sawasya and EASDD called on Obama-led US administration to assume responsibility towards the US-backed massacre that violates the International Law.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights said the Israeli holocaust in Gaza aims at keeping on the ongoing elimination of the Palestinian resistance factions and their leaders. It indicated that this massacre is not the first in the Israeli history and said the holocaust violates article 3 of the International Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights.

The organizations called the Arab League to convene an urgent summit to discuss the status quo in Gaza and let actions supersede the condemnation scenario to adopt a deterrent stance against the IOF and supply the Palestinian resistance with financial and incorporeal support.

Agony and condemnation overwhelm the Egyptian street through dozens of protests and demonstrations around the republic.


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