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Freedom House Middle East Map -
Freedom House Middle East Map -
Via Middle East strategy at Harvard, the 2009 Freedom House “Freedom in the World Survey“. The study concludes:
Wednesday, February 11,2009 03:04

Via Middle East strategy at Harvard, the 2009 Freedom House  “Freedom in the World Survey“. The study concludes:

 ”Since the MENA [Middle East and North Africa] region was the centerpiece of the Bush administration’s Freedom Agenda, the lack of more significant and durable gains for freedom stands as a major disappointment for American policy. During the Bush years, 9 of the region’s 18 countries experienced some improvement on the Freedom in the World scale, including Saudi Arabia and several of the Gulf states. There were, however, no major breakthroughs: in 2008, as in previous years, Israel was the only country in the region to enjoy a status of Free, although as the occupying power in the Palestinian territories, Israel is largely responsible for the Not Free status of the areas under its control.”

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