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Written Question Demands Gov’t Showing Global Crisis Effects
Written Question Demands Gov’t Showing Global Crisis Effects
Egyptian Brotherhood MP tabled a written question demanding government reveal real effects of the global financial crisis, sources told Ikhwanweb
Wednesday, February 18,2009 03:56
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

Egyptian Brotherhood MP tabled a written question demanding government reveal real effects of the global financial crisis, sources told Ikhwanweb.

Abdullah Eliwa, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and a member of the Planning and Budget Committee in the Egyptian People"s Assembly, lower chamber of parliament, tabled an urgent written question to Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif and the Minister of Finance Dr. Yousef Botros Ghaly, demanding them show the real figures of the global financial crisis on Egypt.

Eliwa raised his eyebrows why the government hides the real figures of the effect of the global financial crisis on Egypt amid conflicting statements issued by government officials around these figures.
"If the government knows the real figures and covers them up, it is a disaster, and if it doesn"t know, then this is a much bigger disaster", he said.

It is worth noting that there is a stark conflict in the figures declared by government officials in estimating the real effect of the global financial crisis on Egypt.

Dr. Othman Mohamed Othman, the Minister of Economic Development, said that the growth rate dropped to 4.1 % in the fourth quarter last year compared to 7.7 % in the same period in the year before, and that unemployment rate rose 2% to reach 8.8 %, adding 82 thousand persons to jobless rolls.

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