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Wide-spread Arrests and House Raids Campaign against MB Leaders and Members
Wide-spread Arrests and House Raids Campaign against MB Leaders and Members
Security Police Arrest 21 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
Egyptian security launched a wide campaign of house raids and arrests against MB leaders and affiliates on Tuesday eve, March 3.
Tuesday, March 3,2009 04:35

Egyptian security launched a wide campaign of house raids and arrests against MB leaders and affiliates on Tuesday eve, March 3.

Five of the arrested are from Gharbiyyah and they are: Mustafa El-Gheneimy, Mus’ad Qutb, Mohamed El-Surougy, Ayman El-Shaf’I, and Abdel-Aziz El-Naggar.  It is worthy mentioning that Mustafa El-Ghoneimy was arrested via an ambulance due to his bad health conditions. 

Two others were arrested from Giza and they are: Yaser Abduh and ‘Adel ‘Afifi.  Also arrested were Khaled El-Beltagy, Alsayed Khaliel, Gamal Abdel Mawgoad, Salamah Salamh, Mohammed Abdulrahman ,Hasan Mohammed and Ahmed Abbas from Cairo, Khalid Abdul-Hamid Morsi from Alexandria and Ismailiyyah MB Administration Vice-Chair Mohamed Taha Wahdan and from Menoufiyyah Abdul-Mu’ty El-Nadry and Fathy Shehab El-Din.  Moreover, Hamed Mansour, Abdul-Mohsen El-Qamhawy, a candidate in the previous Shura Council elections, and Dr. Hamed Mansour were arrested at the same time early this morning and were sent at 10 a.m. to be presented before the Supreme State Security prosecution in Cairo.

Meanwhile, the security apparatus raided houses of MB affiliates in their absence.  The houses belonged to:  Mohamed El-Bashlawy, Osama Yassin from Cairo, Alaa El-Din Hasan, Khamis Mohamed from Alexandria, Othman El-Nady from Asyut, El-Sayyed Hozayn from Sharqiyyah, and Dr. Amir Bassam.

The arrest campaign came as part of the illegal security approach adopted by the Ministry of Interior against MB detainees whose houses were raided barbarously without any judicial warrant.

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