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MP: Human Rights Violations are Still Taking Place in prisons and Police Stations
MP: Human Rights Violations are Still Taking Place in prisons and Police Stations
MP Mohammed Kasba (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has condemned the ongoing prevalence of torture in Egyptian prisons and police stations in an explanatory request to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.
Friday, March 13,2009 08:56
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

MP Mohammed Kasba (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has condemned the ongoing prevalence of torture in Egyptian prisons and police stations in an explanatory request to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.
MB stressed that this continual situation of torture and human rights violations, especially during a time in which situation in prisons is deteriorating, portends a serious situation.

He pointed out to a number of cases toke place in prisons and police stations, among them was Ramadan El-Saeed (21 year-old) from Damietta who died, 3rd of Jan 2008, as a result of torture in one of the police stations.

Prisoner Mostafa Mohammed Hussein (43 year-old) in Abu Za’bal prison 2005, according to the Legal Aid Association for Human Rights. Relatives of the victim received his body after receiving a call from Azbakeya police station and cited bruises on his face, bruises under his right and left axilla, traces of bleeding in the nose and traces of blood in the back of the head.
The case of the child Mohammed Mamdouh Abdel Rhman (13 year-old), known in media as the “Murdered of Shaha” was of great attention to the media after his death ,August 2007, after he was tortured and burnt in clear areas in the chest and sensitive areas of his body and was vomiting blood.
The village of Telbana in Daqahleya has also witnessed a tragic accident when one of the police forces assaulted Naser Ahmad Abdullah El-Seidi (37 year-old and works as a carpenter), who was trailed along on the ground and beaten to death during his intervention to rescue his niece from the hands of the police who were beating her up.

Another case in which the victim passed away in prison is the case of Mossad Qotb (Member of MB Group) who was tortured in State Security Service 2005. Traces of severe torture was clear on his body, as his family found his head completely crushed and bent, his eyes were almost not there, his ears cut off and his head is open from the top from the cervix to the chest.

In January 2004, Mohammed El-Sayed Negm was killed after being tortured in one of the headquarters of the State Security Investigations in Qalyoubeya, a day after his release, as he was arrested for eight days spent in SSI headquarters in Banha city, Qalyoubeya governorate.

It is worth mentioning the increasing human rights criticism of the Egyptian government due to the continued policy of torture, including criticising “the governmental” National Council for Human Rights, as there were threats to escalate te situation bringing the cases of torture into international attention as a result to the lack of local response to the human rights demands to stop torture in prisons and in police stations.

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