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Pakistan Taliban say 24 dead in US drone attack
Pakistan Taliban say 24 dead in US drone attack
Taliban militants recovered 24 bodies and were searching for more on Friday, hours after suspected US drones destroyed a camp in Pakistan’s northwestern region, militants and officials said.
Saturday, March 14,2009 04:16
by Alamgir Bitani Reuters

Taliban militants recovered 24 bodies and were searching for more on Friday, hours after suspected US drones destroyed a camp in Pakistan"s northwestern region, militants and officials said.

Four missiles believed to have been fired by at least two pilotless U.S. drone aircraft on Thursday evening hit a militant hideout and training camp in the Kurram ethnic Pashtun tribal region on the Afghan border.

Soon after the attack a villager in the Barjo area said 14 people had been killed but an intelligence official and a Taliban official said on Friday the toll had gone up as militants sifted through the rubble of the seven-room training compound.

"We"ve so far found 24 bodies in the debris and we"re still looking," a Taliban official in the region said by telephone. He declined to be identified.

US drones have carried out more than 30 drone strikes since early 2008 when the United States, frustrated by an intensifying insurgency in Afghanistan getting support from the Pakistani side of the border, began attacking with greater frequency.

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