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Mr. Obama: Don’t let Israel destroy America
Mr. Obama: Don’t let Israel destroy America
Two inseparable characters have identified Israeli behavior ever since the very inception of its existence in occupied Palestine: Criminality and mendacity
Saturday, March 14,2009 13:13
by Khalid Amayreh PIC&Ikhwanweb

Two inseparable characters have identified Israeli behavior ever since the very inception of its existence in occupied Palestine: Criminality and mendacity.
As to the first, we all know that Israel itself is and has always been a crime against humanity. Israel’s very creation couldn’t have been effected had it not been for the numerous atrocities and terror committed by the legions of Zionism for the express purpose of driving the majority of the Palestinian population into exile.
Indeed, as the conscientious Israeli historian Illan Pappe asserts in his book, the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, the 1948-war was started by the Zionists in order to terrorize the Palestinians into leaving their homeland.
Hence, the massive terrorization and subsequent dispersion of the vast majority of indigenous Palestinians (Christians and Muslims) from their ancestral homeland was actually the intended outcome of the war rather than its unintended result as the Zionists would claim.
Well, criminality and mendacity always go hand in hand, and since the Zionists couldn’t admit guilt for their shameful deeds, e.g. as post-war Germany did, Zionist officials resorted to the intensive use of “weapons of mass distortion” whereby the managed, mostly successfully, to turn the black into white, the big lie into a ‘truth’ glorified by thousands, and the criminals into victims and vice versa.
Some of the classical lies, which have been exposed by some Zionist writers, such as Benny Morris and Tom Segev, include the scandalous claim that the bulk of Palestinian refugees fled their homes voluntarily and that that the Israeli authorities actually implored them to stay.
Unfortunately, such scandalous lies were conveniently parroted by the western media from Australia to the United States.
Interestingly, some of the die-hard Zionist media are still shamelessly clinging to these anachronistic and thoroughly debunked narratives as if every immoral tactic was legitimate as long as the end is to serve Israeli interests.
Since 1948, lying in various forms represented the overall discourse of the Nazi-like state. This writer remembers vividly how the state-run Israeli radio, kol Yisrael, was insulting the intelligence of common listeners when reporting news of the first Intifada (1988-1992), when then War Minister Yitzhak Rabin instructed his soldiers to break the bones of Palestinian children, which is what  the soldiers literally did on numerous occasions.
A mere mouthpiece of the Israeli army, the Zionist radio would report that troops fired into the ether to disperse Palestinian stone-throwers and that a certain number of Palestinians were both  killed and wounded.
I don’t know if the Israeli newscaster was gullible enough to suggest that the poor Palestinian victims were actually flying in the sky because otherwise none of them would have been killed or wounded had they refrained from using their wings and contented themselves with remaining human.!!!
Nonetheless, such brash lies, which defied logic, were readily repeated by serious media outlets throughout the western world just as the same is happening these days when American and some European networks (e.g. the BBC),  have not  refrained  from giving the benefit of the doubt to the pornographic Israeli lies about the recent blitzkrieg in Gaza.
Today, the general modus operandi remains unchanged, and the "hasbara" fabrication of lies has only become more sophisticated while the overall goals remain unchanged.
For example, Israel routinely justifies the wanton demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Bank, especially in Occupied East Jerusalem, by arguing that the doomed homes have been built without a proper building license and that Israel, like any other law-abiding state, is duty-bound to enforce building and zoning regulations.
However, what Israel has been trying to hide from the eyes of the world is the fact that the Zionist state is using both the litter and spirit of the law!!! (the occupier’s law) to ethnically cleanse Palestinians, narrow their horizon, and force them to leave their ancestral homeland.
Indeed, the draconian discrimination against Palestinian license applicants has been the adopted policy since the first days of the occupation more than 41 years ago. And the goal is always to force as many as Palestinians as possible to leave in order to allow as many Jewish settlers as possible to replace the evicted victims.
The Israeli authorities actually lie as often as they breathe, and instead of adopting a reasonable approach, based on honesty, toward the Palestinians in places like East Jerusalem, Israeli officials spend weeks and months devising satanic tricks to dispossess non-Jews of their real estate and property, especially homes.
Thus if no problem exists with regard to the building license, the racist officials would concoct or invent other justifications for the demolition of the Arab home or property, such as claiming that the relevant area is an excavation park. And if all the inventory of legal tricks is exhausted, then the occupation authority would simply commit the act of rape by demolishing the home without any explanation. And when the oppressed Arab victims cry out for justice, an arrogant Israeli officer, or even an ordinary soldier, would simply confront him or her by saying… “you’d better come to terms with reality. No one will help you, the media won’t help you, America won’t help you…we control America… Even God won’t help you.”
This is exactly how thousands of Arab homes have been utterly destroyed under the pretext of maintaining law and order while every honest person knows deep in his or her heart that the real motive is simply to effect ethnic cleansing and obliterate the Palestinian identity of the land.
Last week, the Israeli occupation authorities said they were planning to demolish as many as 88 Palestinian homes at the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The plan is part of a master scheme to destroy thousands of Palestinian homes for the purpose of building Jewish settler homes in the traditionally Arab East Jerusalem.
In the meantime, the same Zionist regime is planning a phenomenally huge settlement expansion drive that would double the settler population of the West Bank, now totaling around a million settlers.
In light, it is obvious that the last thing Israel is really thinking about is true peace with the Palestinians.
This reality, which even the blind can see, should make the Obama administration decide, sooner than later, whether it will hold Israel to account or just behave as the previous American administrations did, namely give Israel caret blanch to murder whatever chance for peace in the Middle East there still is while babbling about a clinically dead peace process that is being kept alive through artificial means.
Finally, I am going to say this, which many pro-Israeli Americans don’t wish to hear. Mr. Obama, if you don’t succeed in getting Israel to withdraw from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, you won’t succeed in overcoming the monumental economic crisis now facing your country and the world.
The connection between the economic super-crisis in America and the unresolved and deteriorating conflict in Palestine is so real and so clear.
You know and I know that the so-called war on terror, which the Bush administration waged on a number of Muslim countries and movements, was conceived in Israel, the very same Israel that is now trying to bully or cajole America to start a new war, this time against Iran, a country that never invaded or attacked any other country in recent memory.
Israeli leaders think, probably justifiably to a large extent, that Israel and the Jews of America control the American government, including Congress as well as the main media.
It is incumbent upon you, Mr. President, to prove they are wrong.
Because if you don’t or can’t, you won’t be able to overcome the economic collapse haunting your country and shaking its foundations.
Leaving the Israeli stranglehold over American politics intact means one thing. It means that America is going to get itself entangled in more wars abroad, mainly to ensure and serve Israeli interests of military aggrandizement and territorial expansion.
Mr. President, don’t sacrifice America’s vital interests for the sake of Israeli hegemony and megalomania.
Don’t let Israel destroy America.

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