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Iraqi MB Condemns Bomb Blasts in Kadhimiyah and Ba`qubah
Iraqi MB Condemns Bomb Blasts in Kadhimiyah and Ba`qubah
The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP - MB in Iraq) has condemned the terrorist bombings that killed dozens of innocent people in Kadhimiyah and Ba`qubah.
Sunday, April 26,2009 23:04
by Mostafa Radwan IkhwanWeb

The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP - MB in Iraq) has condemned the terrorist bombings that killed dozens of innocent people in Kadhimiyah and Ba`qubah.
IIP called security agencies to intensify the efforts in order to achieve security and to make those who are looking for the right climate to inflame sedition miss the opportunity, stressing that time for sedition has passed!
The party added in a press release it issued, that the criminal act, occurred on Friday, in Kadhimiyah, which killed tens of citizens and caused injury for more, brings back to memories the black days during which sedition was inflamed in Baghdad and other provinces.
Illustrating that both incidents in Dyala and Kadhimiyah were targeting Iranian visitors and such action is legally and traditionally and religiously prohibited.
It should be noted that Kadhimiyah and Ba`qubah cities were exposed to bombings that resulted in 60 deaths, among them 25 Iranians, 125 wounded among them 80 Iranians due to bombings carried out by two self-bombers wearing explosive belts who were targeting visitors to Imam Musa Al-Kadhim in Al-Sharif Al-Rady and Bab Al-Murad areas in Kadhimiyah (North West Baghdad).
These bombings come one day after two bombings in Baghdad and Dyala, one of the bombings (Dyala) targeted a restaurant which frequently had Iranian visitors on their way to the holy sites, and resulted in killing 80 and wounding more than a hundred.

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