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Hamas: Statements of Netanyahu and Obama on Jerusalem, RoR old and rejected
Hamas: Statements of Netanyahu and Obama on Jerusalem, RoR old and rejected
The Hamas Movement has described Thursday the statements of Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu of considering the occupied city of Jerusalem as the indivisible capital of "Israel" as "old" and rejected by the Palestinians.
Friday, May 22,2009 09:21
The Hamas Movement has described Thursday the statements of Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu of considering the occupied city of Jerusalem as the indivisible capital of "Israel" as "old" and rejected by the Palestinians.

"These statements that this criminal [Netanyahu] utters are old statements, and they come in the shadow of a frenzied Israeli campaign against the occupied city of Jerusalem and against the holy Aqsa Mosque", asserted Yousef Farahat, the spokesman of Hamas Movement in central Gaza Strip, in an interview with the PIC Thursday.

According to Farahat, Netanyahu"s reiteration of those old statements aims at pushing the Arabs into accepting to introduce core changes into the Saudi-sponsored Arab initiative, including dropping the right of return of the Palestinian refugees among other essential points in the initiative.

"Hamas absolutely rejects waiving the right of return because it is a sacred Palestinian right, and it will never agree to the idea of resettling the Palestinian refugees in their host countries… this won"t happen" underlined Farahat.

Describing Netanyahu"s government as a "government of war" that threatened to launch another monstrous war on the Gaza Strip on the first day of its inauguration, the Hamas"s spokesman stressed his Movement won"t abandon the resistance against the Zionist occupation under any circumstances.

He also pointed out that "All options before the Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas Movement) and the Palestinian resistance factions are open, and we will keep on resisting as long as the occupation of our country persists". He stressed that Hamas Movement won"t forsake its mandate of protecting and defending the Palestinian people.

Reacting to the statements of US President Barack Obama on the two-state solution, and on dropping the right of return, Farahat said: "Obama doesn"t differ from his predecessors; yet, he tries to present himself to the Arab world in a bright light, and as if he possesses the magic solution to the Palestinian issue".

Furthermore, Farahat explained that the Palestinian people, wherever they are, didn’t and wouldn’t concede the right of return despite the massacres committed against them at the hands of the Zionist occupation over that past 61 years.

"We will not forget, and we will not compromise the right of return because it is a sacred right that no one in this world can drop", underscored Farahat.

Unacceptable idea:
Seconding Farahat remarks, Palestinian lawmaker MP Dr. Atef Odwan of Hamas Movement described the suggestions of Obama of financially compensating the Palestinian refugees for their usurped homeland as "unacceptable" to the Palestinian people.

"This idea [of Obama] isn"t acceptable to the Palestinian people, and no Palestinian individual, either from Hamas, Fatah, or any Palestinian faction, would accept such an idea", Odwan pointed out.

In this regard, the Palestinian legislator called on the Palestinian people, wherever they are, to remain adherents to the right of return and not to concede it, adding that the Palestinian parliament puts that sensitive issue on top of its priorities.

"It is about time for the world to support the truth, and to say No to falsehood, and it is about time to the world to give justice to the Palestinian people and to end their suffering", underlined Odwan in an interview with the PIC.

Furthermore, Odwan deprecated the US pledge to finance and develop the Israeli missile system dubbed as "Hetis-3", describing that undertaking as "flagrant bias" to the Zionist entity. Netanyahu won that pledge during his visit to Washington a couple of days ago.

"I believe that such pledge from the USA would serve as a prelude to a possible Israeli air strike against Iran or against any other party", highlighted Odwan.  

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