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Yemeni Secessionists Reject Northern Elite
Yemeni Secessionists Reject Northern Elite
Clamorous calls for secession are on the rise in southern Yemen, where violence intensified during May.
Saturday, June 13,2009 03:26
by Blake pomed.org

Clamorous calls for secession are on the rise in southern Yemen, where violence intensified during May.  Parliamentary elections, scheduled for last April, were postponed two years, which has led to an escalation of tension.  Additionally, southerners are frustrated with the “elite” northerners’ government monopoly, corruption and economic mismanagement, among other grievances.  The Daily Star suggests that Yemen’s patronage system, which for so long reinforced stability in Yemen, may be dissolving. This pressures President Saleh to consider political and economic reform, as well as government decentralization to revive Yemeni solidarity.


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