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Hamas: Agreement difficult to reach amidst continued assassinations
Hamas: Agreement difficult to reach amidst continued assassinations
Hamas Movement on Monday asserted that reaching an inter-Palestinian national conciliation agreement was getting farther to reach in light of the continued PA security forces’ assassinations in the West Bank.
Tuesday, June 16,2009 09:29

Hamas Movement on Monday asserted that reaching an inter-Palestinian national conciliation agreement was getting farther to reach in light of the continued PA security forces" assassinations in the West Bank.


Hamas in a press conference in Gaza on Monday held former PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his illegitimate premier Salam Fayyad responsible for the crime of killing Haithem Amr under torture in Al-Khalil in their capacity as the supreme leaders of the security apparatuses in the West Bank.


The Movement said that the crime and the previous assassinations dealt a blow to Egyptian reconciliation efforts, and asked Cairo to curb Abbas and his security forces.


Hamas expressed surprise at those PA security apparatuses" free services to the Israeli occupation after Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu"s speech that denied all Palestinian rights and did not even mention that authority.

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