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The MB opinion on three key issues
The MB opinion on three key issues
We affirm the right of people to choose their rulers and representatives in full freedom to maintain their interests in the regimes and constitutions that govern them without interference from anybody.
Thursday, June 25,2009 14:31

  The public opinion has focused in recent days on three cases in which the Muslim Brotherhood is keen to express their viewpoint as follows:
First: The political control on media oppresses freedom deepening the control of dictator-like leaders and autocracy.

The discussions on setting up an Information Commissioner"s Office at this stage, which was raised at the last meeting of the Arab information ministers, adds further doubts on the effectiveness of negotiating the political transition towards democracy and respect for human rights in the Arab world under the existing Arab system; therefore, we affirm the following:
1 - The need to unite efforts of all non-governmental organizations, human rights organizations and media institutions, particularly those who are independent- even if their means are varied- to achieve the desired goals of free media in the reform, adopting core issues of the nation, confronting waves of Zionist, normalization and those only interested in their interests.

2- These free institutions should form "free union of the Arab and Islamic Media" have the right to reflect the nation’s expression and professionally and competently challenge media projects that assist in the US-Zionist penetration of the region.
Second: The Zionists are the source of conflict, tension and instability.
Netanyahu’s role in exciting the extremist religious and ideological intervals of the region’s conflict underscore the nature of the aggressive Zionist role in establishing and patronizing the Jewish state on Palestinian land as it represents  fuel for war in the region and the whole world.
The efforts and endeavors of  People"s institutions and human rights world wide to end the Gaza blockade while they call for freedom, security and the right to a dignified life, has no impact on the ground. Because of the Zionist"s arrogance and vanity especially, the international organizations (the United Nations, the Secretary-General of the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Arab League) do not effectively play their role, in moving to lift the siege and compelling the Zionists to alter their positions as insisted on by the Zionists Defense Minister at the time of his visit to Egypt; therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood asserts as follows:

1 – It is very necessary to continue the support by all its forms of resistance. 

2 – The need to unify the Arab and Islamic world in order to confront the terrorism and continuing aggression of the Zionists against the Palestinians, the inherent right to the land of Palestine.

Third: The current events in Iran :

The Muslim Brotherhood emphasizes the following points pertaining to the current situation in Iran :

1 - What is happening in Iran now is purely an internal affair of Iranian people and its regime alone.

2 - We reject all foreign interference of the United States , Western Europe and the Zionists in the internal affairs of Iran or any other countries.

3 - We affirm the right of people to choose their rulers and representatives in full freedom to maintain their interests in the regimes and constitutions that govern them without interference from anybody.

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