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Disregard of the release of Upper Egypt’s MB group members
Disregard of the release of Upper Egypt’s MB group members
It is noteworthy that Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, a member of the Guidance Bureau has suffered from a previous stroke, and also has atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition to this, he is in need of a second open heart operation.
Sunday, September 6,2009 04:08

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein
Security services’ obstinacy are incomprehensible as the Interior Ministry issued on August 19 a decision to arrest Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, a member of the Guidance Bureau and ten MB leaders in Upper Egypt after the Cairo Criminal Court had in fact decided the day before to release them from the courthouse because of  their deteriorating health. They were later to Al-Mahkom Prison in Cairo.

 Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, the Muslim Brotherhood’s lawyer, submitted five notifications on August 27 challenging the attorney general in detainee affairs in Al-Mahkoom and Al-Marg prisons demanding the transfer of Dr. Mahmoud Hussein and 4 Brotherhood leaders in Upper Egypt who were detained at Al-Manyal University Hospital to receive the necessary care.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, a member of the Guidance Bureau has suffered from a previous stroke, and also has atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition to this, he is in need of a second open heart operation.

Dr. Mohammad Kamal (Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Professor and Head of the MB administrative bureau in Assiut) also suffers from problems in the heart arteries and is in need of an urgent procedure, since he has diabetes, it is imperative that he has a daily dose of insulin. Khalaf Allah Mohamed Ali El-Behnsawi, an employee in the Ministry of Education, also has a medical condition in the esophagus and is in need of an important surgical procedure that can only be done in a hospital with great capacities.

Hammam Ali Yusuf, Head of the Administrative office in Sohaj, also suffers from the after effects of a previous brain stroke, a spastic colon and a gastric ulcer.

 Three detainees of this group remain in Al-Mahkom Prison at the top of the list is: Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Dr. Khaled Al-Sayeh, Dr. Mohamed Kamal while the others are detained in Al-Marg prison namely  Dr. Ali Ezz Eddin Sabet (Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Assiut), Saif El-Din El-Maghrebi ( Qena), Ammar Hasan Hanafi (senior inspector at Luxor Antiquities Authority), Abdullah Makhlouf (Employee in Aswan ’s Kima plant), Sayed Abdullah (Dawaa school staff member 

 Military tribunal hostages

The autocratic regime of President Hosni Mubarak refused to leave military tribunal hostages remain amid their children in the holy month of Ramadan. Cairo court for urgent matters have continued postponing the contemplations of appeals submitted during August, challenging the decision made by the Administrative Court on July 12, 2009 to release the thirteen Muslim Brotherhood’s high ranking leaders who had been sentenced in the recent military tribunal. The detainees have already completed three quarters of their sentence.

Cairo court postponed the discussion of the following appeals: Dr. Essam Hashish (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University), Eng. Mamdouh Ahmed Abdel Muti Al-Husseini (Engineer) as they have been postponed until the next session on September 2. Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, member of the MB Guidance Bureau and former Secretary-General of Engineers Association) and Mustafa Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Salem (Legal Accountant) have been postponed to September 3, 2009. Dr. Farid Ali Ahmed Galbat (Professor of International Law, Faculty of Sharia and Law at Al-Azhar University) and Dr. Essam Abdel Mohsen Afifi Mohamed (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University ) also have been postponed to the next session on September 7.

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Abu Ziad (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University), Eng. Ayman Ahmed Abdel Ghani Hassanein (Civil engineer at the Arab Contractors Company), Fathy Mohamed Baghdadi Ali (Maths Teacher) and Eng. Medhat El-Haddad (Businessman) have been postponed until the next session on September 5. Dr. Sayed Marouf Abul Yazeed Mesbah (Accountant at Omar Effendi's Company) also has been postponed to the next session on September 8 and Dr. Salah Eldosouqi Amer Murad (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University) and Dr. Diaa Farahat (Businessman) have been postponed to the next session on September 17.

 Frenzied campaigns

Sayyed Nzili

The security services launched frantic campaigns in different governorates which resulted in the arrest of dozens of leading Brotherhood leaders most notably the 8 high-ranking members in Cairo and Giza on August 19 where the Supreme State Security Prosecution later imprisoned for further 15 days.

At the top of the list of those who have be detained was Haj Sayed Nazeely (Head of the MB administrative office in Giza),
Sheikh Hamdy Ibrahim (Former Supervisor at Ministry of Education and Training and MB leader from North Cairo), Dr. Mohiuddin Al-Zayet (Consultant Physician at Ain Shams University and Deputy head of the MB administrative office in Cairo, Dr. Hesham Esa (Anesthesiology Consultant at Research Institute of Ophthalmology), Karim Radwan (An accountant and Deputy Head of the MB administrative office in south Cairo), Ayman Hodhod (a leading figure of the Brotherhood in Giza).

Security services, in another campaign, detained 5 of the Muslim Brotherhood’s high-ranking figures from the Egyptian governorates of Sharkia, Port Said, Alexandria and Dakahlia while they are hosted by Chairman of the Medical Practitioners and Dentists in Dakahlia Dr. Massad Fathi Al-Zini on August 17.

The detainees are: Dr. Mohammed Al-Khodari (dentist) from Port Said, and Ayman Abdel-Hamid (Free Business) from Cairo, Eid Dahroug from Sharkia and Mohammed Abu Al-Nas (engineer) from Alexandria. The State Security Prosecution decided twice to they remain in custody for further 15 days.


The Brotherhood members in Suez governorate received the largest share of the frenzied campaigns as 35 Brotherhood members were arrested on 18 and 19 August. A decision was made to arrest 2 MB members while another was issued from the Suez General Prosecution to remain for 15 days in police custody.


 The security forces also launched in Al-Sharkia governorate the arrest of 18 brotherhood members from villages in Zagazig on August 20. Zagazig Prosecution decided that 16 remain detained for a further 15 days and released 2 others.

The Ministry of Interior in Faqus issued an arrest warrant against three Brotherhood members after the prosecution’s acquittal. They were transferred to Wade El-Natron prison. The MB detainees namely are: Abdullah Hassan Al-Zahwi (Director at Youth and Sports Ministry, Al Areen village), Al-Sayeed Salama (French Teacher, Manshiet Abdoun village) and Ismail Abdel Raouf Abdel-Hamid (Free Business, Manshiet Abdoun).

Fakous State Security on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at down raided the houses of four Brotherhood members and arrested them while the other three MB movement members were released. Dr. Sayed Abdul Aal Shousha (dentist) from Manshiet Abdoun village was ordered to remain detained for a further 15 days pending investigations and were placed in the Zagazig public prison.

The situation is unclear on the fate of Dr. Mustafa Diab (Physician and the MB candidate of the People’s Assembly for Kafr Saqr) after the security services took him to an unknown destination despite Kafr Saqr prosecution’s acquittal after they raided his privately-own lab on August 27.

Kafr Saqr Prosecution decided to release a leading Brotherhood figure in Kafr Saqr and former Secretary-General of the Teachers' Syndicate Ahmed Abdel-Maksoud who was detained by State Security on August 29. He was arrested while he was taking part in preparation for Ramadan educational competition. The prosecution released Hani Attia Gawish (Tech teacher) one of the Brotherhood’s members in Diarb Negm following detention in a ceremony of honoring outstanding talents of Bahaniya village and Mohammed Shadid MB member of Tenth of Ramadan City.


In the Egyptian governorate of Al-Beheira, State security services arrested 10 of MB’s from Kafr El-Dawar. The prosecution ordered they remain detained for a further 15 days and the Misdemeanor Court has upheld the detention of 5 MB’s from EDCO" while two others were released. However, the interior Ministry challenged the court’s rulings and ordered the arrest of the three others despite the acquittal.


In the Egyptian governorate of Alexandria, Alexandria Criminal Court dismissed the prosecution's appeal against the decision to release 8 Brotherhood’s members from Alexandria. The state security forces raided their house on Sunday, August 9 and the Interior Ministry challenged the decision and issued an arrest warrant against the four namely they are: Dr. Tawakol Masoud. Mohammed Ahmed Rifai, Ahmed Abdel-Ati, Sayed Abu Al-Hassan. The other four members were released and they are: Nasser Kamel, Mamdouh Hussein Abdel-Aal, Abdel-Ghaffar Ahmed Abdel-Ghaffar, and Muhammad Amin.

 Kafr El-Sheikh

in Kafr El-Sheikh the Ministry of Interior decided on issuing an arrest warrant for 3 Brotherhood members after their arrest on August 16 despite the Prosecution’s decision to release them. The MB detainees are: Tamer Al-Adawi (Imam and preacher," Ayman Abdel-Samad, “nursery school" and Khaled Mursi "teacher".

Meanwhile, Kafr el-Sheikh prosecution decided to release 6 MB’s members from Isaaka village on August 25. They surrendered themselves to the prosecution in a decision to bring the suspects week ago. They are: Ayman Ragab Al Adwai " businessman," Mohammed Kamal al-Banna and "Lecturer" ,Ramadan Bassiouni Salem "teacher at Al-Azhar," Rizk Mohamed Rizk ( official at Waqf" Ministry), Muhammad Sadiq Ibrahim "Bachelor of Education", Subhi Shaaban Khattab (employee at the Medical Association in Kafr el-Sheik ).


State Security forces in Ismailia arrested 6 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Wednesday, August 12 in a series of their infamous pre-dawn raid campaigns. During the arrest of Ahmed Ismail intimidated his family and beaten children by making threats and pointing guns at them, while detaining his son Abdul Rahman in their armored vehicles for two hours.

Misdemeanors Appeal Court in Ismailia decided to release the four after they had to pay bail of 2000 Egyptian pounds on each appeal filed by the defense after Ismailia prosecution has decided on the renewal of detention. The defense refused to pay bail as they had prior knowledge of the expected scenario that the SSI will confiscate the funds without releasing the detainees. While the prosecution was appealing the court's decision and the verdict was referred to the criminal court that either uphold the Judge's decision to dismiss charges that the Interior Ministry issued a decision to arrest the four or either to accept the prosecution’s objection. However, the four detainees remain   imprisoned they include: Dr. Samir Salama (a veterinarian), Ibrahim Abdeen (teacher), Mohamed Abdullah, and Islam Ahmed.

The Ministry of Interior challenged the court ruling again and issued an arrest warrant against Ahmed Ismail (The MB candidate in 2007 Shura Council elections), Suleiman Mansour (teacher) despite the Misdemeanor Court’s acquittal of both. 


State Security forces in Dakahlia raided houses of the office administrators of the members of the MB parliamentary bloc in Dakahliya governorate, resulting in the detention of five Brotherhood members on August 12. The prosecution decided to release 3 namely they are: Ayman Shohoom (the head office for member of the MB parliamentary bloc Tarek Kotb), Saad Abdul Hafiz (the administrator for member of the MB parliamentary bloc Mohammed Abdul Baqi in Al Manial) and Kamel Mustafa Kamel (The administrator for the member of the MB parliamentary bloc Ibrahim Abu Awf).

The prosecution decided to detain the other two for further 15 days namely Hussein Mohammed Al-Maghazi (the administrator for the member of the MB parliamentary bloc Ibrahim Abu Awf in Al-Kurdy city) and Yousef Saada (the administrator for member of the MB parliamentary bloc Mohammed Abdul Baqi in Aldermira).


 Kafr Saad District Court In the Damietta  governorate it was  decided to continue the detention of Mohammed Fayaz Shahin, educational media specialist at Zaki Naguib Secondary School in mit Al-Khouli for a further 15 days pending investigations after he was charged with recurring accusations similar to those included in all of the former Brotherhood’s.  His house was raided on August 21.

Damietta Security Directorate released Samah Al-Far, Owner of "Al-Zohoor" bookstore in Al Bsarta village, Damietta on August 31 after the Zagazig criminal court upheld the immediate release on August 27. The security forces had stormed Al-far’s privately-owned “Al-Zohoor” bookstore on August 27 and seized his privately-owned computer and books. He was arrested  and brought to the prosecution which decided on his  immediate release.

The acquitted  teachers include Mohammad Hassan Abu Samra, Preparatory School Director, Fekri Sami Kadri "School Deputy Headmaster ", Mohammed Al-Sayyed Morsi "Junior School Deputy Headmaster" and Ahmed Mohammed Abu Saud "math teacher."

Qena and Aswan

 Qena General Prosecution issued a ruling to detain two MBs from Nag Hammadi, Qena for a further 15 days on Aug. 20 after  state security forces raided their houses and arrested them early Tuesday, August 18 they include  27 year-old Emad Abbas Al-Samman (Teacher at Al-Azhar), 30 year-old Ashraf Thabet Ahmed (primary school teacher).

 In a related issue, the Aswan security services released Hashim Hassan Abdu Mohammed, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure in the governorate on August 24 after being acquitted 5 days later. Mohamed is the owner of a school supplies store. Forces had raided his store where books and pamphlets relating to the holy month of Ramadan were confiscated.

Praise be to Allah for your own safety

The Brotherhood expresses pleasure and extends its warmest wishes for members of the Muslim Brotherhood who returned home safely after they had received several courts' ruling and suffered  much  oppression and injustice behind bars. Those who have been detained from the Brotherhood are a leading MB figure in Ismailia Dr. Hisham Al-Souli, a leading MB leader in the same governorate Alaa El-Deeb, Dr. Adel Mustafa, a leading MB leader in North Sinai Said Mahmoud, and Dr. Amir Bassam, a leading Brotherhood figure in Sharkia and a former member of the People’s Assembly Eng. Al Sayed Hozayen and MB leading figure in the governorate.

We pay the same tribute to Dr. Hassan Ali Zaid Shoeishaa, Deputy Head of the MB Administrative Office in Kafr El-Sheikh and the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the last parliamentary elections, Ayman Higazi, Abdullah Hindawi. We pay special tribute to member of the Brotherhood in Al-Arish and victim of State security Abdullah Maher Awad.

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