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Aboul Fotouh: Egypt is more important to me than my freedom
Aboul Fotouh: Egypt is more important to me than my freedom
Dr Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh member of the executive Bureau and secretary-general of the Arab doctors union during his hearing today addressed the judiciary.
Sunday, October 18,2009 17:33

Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, member of the executive Bureau and secretary-general of the Arab Doctors Union, during his hearing on Sunday, addressed the judiciary. He asserted that Egypt was more important to him than his own freedom, where he has become accustomed to the injustices thrown at him by the governing regime.

His appeal once again has been denied, however, this did not deter him from facing the bench and voicing his opinion, claiming that he will not back down from his cause of advocating justice, freedom for all and more importantly reform for his beloved Egypt. One of his main interests is of the future of the Arab Doctors Union and the deteriorating of it after more than 400,000 doctors had elected an Egyptian to lead the foundation, where their priorities lay in serving the ill and promoting the efforts in helping refugees and those in need.

In regards to his continued detention he stated that the further renewal will affect him not just with his health but also financially as he is in debt and owes the hospital more than LE 57, 000 in hospital fees. Since he is detained, he finds it difficult to pay the money he owes as there is no income and his paycheck from his current work has been lifted.

He appealed to the courts to look further into his case and order his release since, not only is he a distinguished figure, but more importantly an innocent Muslim who has been a victim to a host of fabricated accusations. He will continue however, in his cause since it does not harm any individual but rather serves the community as a whole.   

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