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Pro-Gamal supporters taking action
Pro-Gamal supporters taking action
Gamal Mubarak is not and has never been a member of the Egyptian military, unlike his father and previous three Egyptian presidents.
Sunday, October 18,2009 22:44
by Mohamed Abdel Salam BM News
Gamal Mubarak supporters on the Facebook group “Yes to Gamal Mubarak” announced that December 14 would be a day dedicated to supporting Gamal Mubarak, son of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Secretary of the National Democratic Party Policies Committee, as the next President of Egypt. Group members have declared their support for the younger Mubarak as anti-Gamal campaigns, including major political leaders’ own anti-succession campaign, heat up..

Mohamed Basri, the information officer of the group, said that this day would see street rallies in support of Gamal Mubarak, and would not be limited only to the Facebook group, “especially since the group includes a large number of his supporters, which its supporters reached 5000.”

The members put a number of reasons for their support for Gamal Mubarak on the group. “His distinction and his great interest in the issues of the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian issue, in addition to the international affairs level, while the second reason was his military upbringing and his commitment and perseverance to prayer.”

Gamal Mubarak is not and has never been a member of the Egyptian military, unlike his father and previous three Egyptian presidents.

The attention of the younger Mubarak to domestic issues was also one of the reasons the group believes he should be supported. “That he is the most familiar to the Egyptian society issues whether political, social or economic.” The group also called on his interest in young people and the new “thoughts through his support” of the Assembly of future generations in the country.

The last reason in support of Gamal Mubarak for President of Egypt “is that he would exempt the state from having to pay huge sums to equip the permanent headquarters of the President, construction and decoration, and the crew of guards and secretaries, to provide a new traffic plan consistent with the new presidential residence, unlike the cars in accordance with the Constitution in Article 99 of the year 1987.”

They argue that Gamal would play a role in “easing” the financial burden on the government of these expenses.


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