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Subjugation causing oppression
Subjugation causing oppression
In the Indian occupied Kashmir human rights violations by Indian occupation forces is a routine matter. No day passes calmly. Cries, protests and demonstrations by the affected and sufferers are daily news.
Friday, November 6,2009 19:14
by Mohammad Yousuf Naqash Islamic Political Party (jk)

 In the Indian occupied Kashmir human rights violations by Indian occupation forces is a routine matter. No day passes calmly. Cries, protests and demonstrations by the affected and sufferers are daily news. That is why media both print and electronic gives more attention, space and prominence to these happenings daily. On the one side Indian establishment and its state administration claims peace restoring but on the other side situation deteriorates given the rise in violations by its forces and the prospects of peace keep on illuding and haunting. The false rhetoric in this regard is for face saving and carries no weight.   

  Despite the repeated assurances of no human rights violations made by the young Chief Minister Omer Abdullah yet another woman at tral in district pulwama was molested by forces personnel. This shameful incident deepened the wounds of Kashmiri people who are yet to revive from the tragedy of gang rape and ruthless murder of our two daughters’s neelofer and asiya in Shopian by Indian forces. On the same day a 12th class student namely Sajad Ahmad Lone S/o Ghulam Mohammad Lone Resident of Kralgund Handwara in District Kupwara was arrested early morning while he was coming to his home after morning prayers in the local mosque, by the troopers of 32 Rashtriya rifles stationed in Kralgund and was subsequently tortured and done to death by pumping bullets. In reaction of this gruesome murder when the youth in Srinagar took to streets peacefully, police fired in air, burst smoke shells and also resorted to heavy lathi charge to disperse them. This action of the police injured more than twenty five youth including a minor student of sixth standard Arif Ahmad Bhat S/O Javaid Ahmad Bhat R/O Seshyar Habba Kadal district Srinagar whose condition continues to be critical in the intensive care ward of Srinagar Medical Institute Soura.

 Kashmir is such a place in the world where expression of resentment through civilized manner (which is the mindset of Kashmiri people) is curbed and killed by force. During the last fourteen months at least seventy Kashmiri youth were killed due to indiscriminate firing on the peaceful processions. These shameful acts unveil the terrible face of Indian democracy.

 This case of custodial torture and killing again exposed occupation forces of India as oppressors, meant for bleeding the humanity in Kashmir, on the Black dictates of Delhi. Delhi as a matter of policy has directed its forces in Kashmir, to act beastly against the people of Kashmir, and revenge their rebellion against India and teach them the lesson, so that they are forced to abandon their movement for freedom from India. Bearing this oppression of Delhi through its forces since decades and more ruthlessly from last two decades Kashmiri’s are determined to continue their struggle for freedom. This ruthless operation cannot stop them from taking their struggle to the logical conclusion. Delhi is mistaken if it thinks it can curb their sentiment of freedom through these oppressive measures.

 These Indian occupation forces with criminal instincts and armed with Black Draconian laws like Disturbed Area Act, Armed Forces Special Powers Act have so far martyred more than one lakh Kashmiri natives regardless of age and gender and have indulged in heinous crimes like rapes, molestations, torture exercises, blasting human beings, burning and blasting chattels and business establishments; loot and plunder and deforestation. Every nook and corner of the territory is witness to their insanity and impunity from law. Whatever the damage Indian occupation forces and its State abettors inflict here is expected because they are prized cash and promotions for this. Kashmiri people cannot even think of human treatment and civilized behavior from them. This so called disciplined force has turned to moral corruption on the choice of their Delhi high command. Before leaving for mission oppression in Kashmir they are taught the lessons of immorality, indiscipline, vulgarity and insanity and are commanded to demonstrate all this in Kashmir to crush Kashmiri people. It is what they are doing here to silence the popular voice of inherent Right to Freedom.

 Inspite of tall claims of zero tolerance on Human Rights Violations, the unfortunate happenings like custodial killings, custodial disappearances, fake encounters, rapes, molestations, torturous methods, arrests, detentions cannot end in the presence of huge military. These daily occurrences can be curbed in case the territory is demilitarized. For that purpose just solution (freedom) of Kashmir dispute through tripartite dialogue is must. So instead of sticking to the demand of demilitarization Kashmiri people need to stress for emancipation from politico-territorial subjugation (reason of all ills). Military concentration, presence of Black Draconian Laws, Human Rights violations of all forms by the State, are the causes rooted in subjugation. End to subjugation will end all this. So our priority attempts should be centric to attaining this objective because we actually as a matter of policy stand for it. We have been perpetually struggling and sacrificing hugely since decades for achieving this objective. Emancipation will itself lead to demilitarization, repeal of Black Draconian Laws and release of prisoners. It will also pave the way for an end to enmity, hatred, violence and military buildup in subcontinent.

A word of caution to those trying to compromise on the principled stand, don’t under estimate the popular sentiment (embedded deep) and will of the people. Such type of intention or action is intolerable. This movement for freedom is being cherished by red hot blood, chastity of our women folk, peeled skin of our jail birds, pain anguish and destitution of orphans and widows, sighs and cries of mothers, daughters and sisters. No one should take them for granted.

Mohammad Yousuf Naqash


Islamic Political Party (jk)


Human Rights Committee

All Parties Hurriyat Committee

Kursu Rajbagh Srinagar Kashmir

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