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Major Hasan and Rabbi/Senator Lieberman
Major Hasan and Rabbi/Senator Lieberman
Now we see US soldiers, prior to deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, highly charged bumped with 'Christian faith and Muslim hate' by Evangelical chaplains promoting their own form of Evangelical Christianity with its hidden roots in Zionism, notes Sami Jamil Jadallah.
Monday, December 21,2009 13:43
Middle East Online

Now we see US soldiers, prior to deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, highly charged bumped with 'Christian faith and Muslim hate' by Evangelical chaplains promoting their own form of Evangelical Christianity with its hidden roots in Zionism, notes Sami Jamil Jadallah.

If we kill a gentile who had sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder,” Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira head of the Od Yosef Yeshiva in the illegal Jewish settlement of Yitzhak was quoted in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. Rabbi Shapira (no doubt an American Jew) recently published a new book “King’s Torah”, a manifesto of 230 pages on ways and means to kill gentiles according to Jewish laws.

Nothing will make Senator/Rabbi Joseph Lieberman and many of the leadership of the American Jewish community, leading Christian Zionists and NeoCons more happy than to hang on any flimsy uncorroborated evidence that Major Nidal Malik Hasan is an “Islamist terrorist” with active connections to Al qaeda. Joining Senator/Rabbi Lieberman with this wish is a large number of Congressmen who already asked CIA director Leon Panetta and National Intelligence chief Dennis Blair to “preserve” all documents and intelligence files related to Hasan. This tragic event will be a bonanza for American Jewish organizations, Evangelical Zionist Christians, certainly to the many so-called experts on terrorism, most of whom are anti-Muslims to begin with. Of course Rabbi/Senator Lieberman chose to ignore the new “fatwa/edict” issued by a fellow Rabbi, chose to ignore the fact that traitors and spies for Israel are fellow Jews, and is looking for ways to prove that Muslims are born killers and murderers.

As a former soldier and a veteran of US Army (66-68) with four other brothers (Nabil- US Army-Lifer, Lutfi-US Marines, Suleiman-US Army and Taiseer-US Marines) with two nephews Aaron and Jamil currently serving in the US Army, we can only sympathise with the families and friends of victims and we also extend our sympathy and support for the family of the killer since they are under so much pressure and scrutiny in the US. I happen to come from the same hometown (El-Bireh) in Palestine where the parents of Major Nidal Hasan came from. I also remember one of his family members Jad Hasan who served in the US Army and was stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The US Army today is not the same army when we served back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In those days. America was not the America of today, driven by hate and anger with the events of September 11. Hate and anger toward Arabs and Muslims driven by Zionist Jews, Christian Zionists and NeoCons who are the engine behind this hostility that Arabs and Muslims face and feel in present day USA.

In the good old days, we had nothing but full respect and total acceptance from officers and fellow soldiers; we were buddies spending evenings and weekends together as colleagues and brothers. There was no such hostility and there was no active role for Christian Evangelicalism. The US Army was not the army of the New Christian Crusade promoted by commanders and chaplains. It was a professional non-sectarian army where the religion and faith of one is not an extra baggage to carry. We were given time off to perform the Friday noon prayer in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. The captain of my basic camp company in Ft. Polk, Louisiana arranged for me to have special food free of bacon and pork. It was not total kosher, but it was a gesture that I will cherish and honor for the rest of my life. At the US 6th Army NCO Academy I was awarded the leadership award in competition with an ideal army poster guy from North Dakota, tall, handsome, well built, and I was a skinny 130 lbs guy who spoke English with an accent.

Now we see US soldiers, prior to deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, highly charged bumped with “Christian faith and Muslim hate” by Evangelical chaplains promoting their own form of Evangelical Christianity with its hidden roots in Zionism. Today’s army is not the army we knew then, where religion and especially Evangelical Christianity and Zionism is actively promoted among soldiers in base camps in the US, overseas and in service academies specially the US Air Force Academy.

Now every one in Washington is working overtime and in high gear to prove that Major Nidal Hasan is an Islamic terrorist driven by hate of the US and its democratic institutions and culture. Nothing more will please the Zionist Jewish leadership than to prove Major Hasan is an Islamic extremist like all Muslims and Arab Americans in the United States simply "must be" in their eyes.

Of course the history of the US is full of many Nidal Hasans. Men who simply went “Postal” killing and maiming many fellow workers and students or simply killings. Major Hasan joins Jiverly Wong who killed 11 in an immigration center in Binghamton, New York. Steven Kazmiercsak opened fired at North Illinois University in DeKalb killing 5 and wounding 18. Robert Hawkins opened fire in Omaha Westroads mall killing 8 and wounding 5. Cho Seung-Hui shot 32 fellow students at Virginian Tech. Sulejman Talovic killed 5 and wounded 4 at Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City. Charles Cord Roberts IV shot to death 5 girls at West Nicke Mines Amish School in Pennsylvania. Jeffery Weise killed 9 people including his grandparents in Red Lake High School in Red Lake, Minnesota. Terry Ratzman opened fire at his congregation killing 7 and wounding 4 at Brookfield Sheraton, in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Mark Banton killed 9 people in an Atlanta brokerage firm, Andrew Golden; Mitchell Johnson killed 4 girls and wounded 10 in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Eric Harris, Dylon Klebold opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado killing 12 and wounding 26. George Hennard rammed his pick-up truck into Luby’s Cafeteria and then open fired killing 22 and wounding 22 in Killeen, Texas and of course so many of us remember Charles Whitman who mounted the University Tower at University of Texas-Austin killing 14 and wounding 32. Of course the US Postal Service gets the worse fame and wrongly defamed with 40 killed in 20 incidents of employees going “postal”.

The faith of these all of killers and murderers was never an issue, the racial origin of all of these was never an issue, and the political motives of all of these were never an issue. Only Major Hasan's faith and ethnic background is made into a central issue. None of the families of these killers and murders had to say, “we love America” to fend off anger and outrage, not even the Korean community where the killer at Virginian Tech was of Korean origin. Only Major Hasan is subject to microscopic scrutiny because of his faith.

I do not know Major Hasan, never knew there was a major in the Hasan family, and do not know his political and moral views on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the “war on terror”. However all of this could never justify killing and murdering fellow soldiers in cold blood. Soldiers expect to face death in the battlefield but not face death by fellow soldiers throwing hand grenades in tents as happened in Vietnam, nor face death at a base camp by fellow soldier.

I do not make any excuses and never could justify such a cold-blooded murder committed by anyone. However, what I object to are hate-filled statements by the likes of Senator/Rabbi Joseph Lieberman whose statements are fighting words directed toward Arabs and Muslims in the US.

(also worth adding is the comment by Jeff Blankfort to this article here: http://www.jeffersoncorner.com/major-nidal-hasan-and-rabbisenator-joseph-lieberman/)

Jeff Blankfort :


The Fort Hood killing spree of Maj. Hasan was a tragedy with many dimensions but for the Zionists and their chickenhawk allies who never even tried on a military uniform, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

That being said, there is a massacre of such and even greater proportions of Muslims taking place in Afghanistan, Pakistan and/or Iraq, virtually every day, all of them having their origin in US imperialist policies and those of their Zionist allies to which few in the US without connections to the region or to Islam pay any attention.

Sami Jamil Jadallah is Palestinian-American born in El-Bireh, Palestine, an international business and legal consultant, and a veteran of the US Army. His comments are posted at his website http://www.jeffersoncorner.com.

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