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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood future
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood future
Former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage foresees a radical Islamic future for Egypt:
Friday, December 25,2009 09:03

 Former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage foresees a radical Islamic future for Egypt:

The Egyptian situation is a really tough one because it's going the wrong way with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the constipation and sclerotic nature of the regime. Have you read the novels of Naguib Mahfouz? They're great, and through them all you get a couple of things, I think. First, the good humor of Egyptians; they have enormous good humor. Second, patience and long suffering, but you realize that at some point in time you can't joke something away. You can't outwait it. I would be afraid the tipping point is going to come, and particularly now that the strategic center of gravity in the Middle East has
shifted to Riyadh and away from Cairo.


Via Tom Ricks.




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