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AQABA - Approximately 100 members of the "Lifeline-3" convoy began a hunger strike earlier this week and others are expected to follow suit in protest to the Egyptian authorities' refusal to allow them entry to Gaza Strip through Nuweibe port.

 Zaher Al-Birawi, the convoy's spokesman claimed in a press statement on Sunday that the members were frustrated and angry after Egyptian officials instructed them to enter through El-Arish Port then proceed from there to Gaza. He asserted that the sea trip from Aqaba, Jordan, where they have been stranded, to El-Arish has been long and costly.

Birawi said that the Egyptian authorities misunderstood the nature of the convoy, adding that the delay was not in favor of the medicine and medical assistances carried by the convoy.

The spokesman appealed to the Egyptian authorities to allow the entry of the convoy via Nuweibe port, which is only at a two-hour distance from Aqaba. He said that the 500 members participating in the convoy were hoping to hear "good news" from the Egyptian authorities.



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Members of (Lifeline-3) go on hunger strike
Members of (Lifeline-3) go on hunger strike
Spokesman appeals to Egyptian authorities to permit entry of convoy.
AQABA-- Around 100 members of the "Lifeline-3" convoy have gone on hunger strike a couple of days ago and others would follow suit on Sunday protesting the Egyptian authorities' refusal to allow them entry to Gaza Strip through Nuweibe port.
Monday, December 28,2009 09:15

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