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Muslim Brotherhood's Statement on Naga'a Hamadi's shootings.
Muslim Brotherhood's Statement on Naga'a Hamadi's shootings.
Integrity and tolerance must be demonstrated for problems to be solved
The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc condemned the horrific shootings which took place on Christmas, killing 6 Copts who were leaving the church and a Muslim police officer.
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Friday, January 8,2010 18:45

 The Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc condemned the horrific shootings which took place on Christmas, in Naga'a Hamadi killing 6 Copts who were leaving the church and a Muslim police officer. The MP's offered their condolences to the families of the deceased persons who fell victim to the sporadic shootings.

The bloc called on authorities to implement the necessary measures needed so that law may be enforced on all citizens regardless of their status or rank. They criticized the neglect of the regime stressing that the regime revealed its inadequacy in dealing with such sensitive issues highlighting that for the problem to be solved it must first be acknowledged.


The Muslim Brotherhood beseeched those responsible in office to encourage dialogue between different sects and trends stressing that the nation was made of different movements.  We believe that, "For peace, harmony tranquility and good will to be present it is imperative that the most basic of human rights be observed. Intellectuals, academics and politicians must convene and discuss maturely their differences demonstrating integrity and tolerance".


The MB MP's concluded, their statement ascertaining that the authorities must employ different methods to those currently used. They explained that involving State security as a solution to all its problems illustrates nothing but the officials  lack of efficiency stressing that decent and effective dialogue and interaction could be more successful with much less losses.


We pray that Allah preserve our country and keep it safe from any harm.


Dr Mohamed Saad Alkatatny

Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc


January 8, 2010.   

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