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Aljazeera Live interviews Dr Morsy
Aljazeera Live interviews Dr Morsy
Morsy speaks out detailing fierce arrests on highly ranked MB leaders.
At 8:00pm on Wednesday Cairo Time Aljazeera Live channel will be hosting Dr. Mohamed Morsy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and the MB's media spokesman.
Wednesday, February 10,2010 09:55

"Aljazeera Live" Channel will be interviewing Dr. Mohamed Morsy, of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive  Bureau and the MB's media spokesman on Wednesday at 8:00 pm Cairo time.

Morsy will be speaking on the arrest campaign which targetted  a number of MB leaders including  Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat,the Deputy Chairman, Dr. Essam Elerian, Dr. Abdel Rhman El -Barr and Dr. Mohyee Hamed,  all members of the Executive Bureau.

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