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Breaking news: Arrest of another MB Executive Bureau member totals 5
Breaking news: Arrest of another MB Executive Bureau member totals 5
Brotherhood Movement including Dr Ossama Nasr from the Executive Bureau.
Thursday, February 18,2010 22:12

In a new wave of arrests government security forces hauled in 11 more members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement including Dr Ossama Nasr from the Executive Bureau. The group was together at one of the member's house when security deceivingly drove up in an ambulance so as not to surprise them.

 Those who were detained include:
Dr Mahmoud Alghandour
Dr Ibrahim Algaraba
Yaser Alkharashy
Eng. Adel Alkhouly
Eng. Ahmed Alassal
Mustafa Altahal
Eng. Adel Alqatry
Eng. Ahmed Almeseery
Hassan Assy
Eng. Yaser Khamees
Nabil Badr
In a statement to "Ikhwanweb" Dr Mohamed Sweidan from the Beheira governorate's administrative office stressed that the ruling regime's efforts to intimidate the group has not and will not succeed. Underscoring that the group has become accustomed to arrests and that the continuation of the groups cause does not depend on one person. The executive bureau's valuable members have been arrested but this will not deter us and we will continue as planned with participating in the upcoming elections. He added the Brotherhood's members acknowledge that the price of success is dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen and for this they are prepared to sacrifice all that is necessary including their freedom.
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Sad fsiekonomi.Multiply.Com
That is so sad. Why is the egypt regime so scared of MB?
Friday, February 19,2010 17:17
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