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Hamas denies Masaud involvement in Mabhouh assassination
Hamas denies Masaud involvement in Mabhouh assassination
Hamas firmly denied involvement of Nehru Masaud, one of its leaders, in the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, stressing that such claims are pure Israeli fabrications and are an attempt to divert the attention from the responsibility of the Mossad for the crime.
Saturday, February 20,2010 10:57


In a statement issued by the information office of Hamas, the movement stressed that claims circulated about the involvement of Masaud  in the Israeli press and parroted by some Arab media are false and baseless.

The movement asserted that Masaud was a Hamas leader and  was neither detained nor questioned by anyone.

Moreover Masaud personally informed  al-Aqsa satellite channel on Friday that rumours which originated from the Israeli and Fatah press about him were baseless, however this was consistent with Fatah's policy of defaming Hamas and the resistance in general.

Masaud added  that the Fatah had claimed   that he was detained in the UAE, then later changed allegations claiming  he was detained in Damascus, stressing that he was detained in neither country.

He underscored that Fatah was trying to cover the fact that some former PA security officers were in fact involved with the Mossad in this crime.

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