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MB’s Opinion: MB members are paying the price of freedom in following the Reform path
MB’s Opinion: MB members are paying the price of freedom in following the Reform path
The Arab and Muslim world's silence has encouraged the Israeli entity to continue its arrogant hands on rule on the muslims' "holy sites" what next?
Thursday, March 4,2010 17:59

The escalation of the IOF crimes  amid the Arabs silence  continue as the  IOF authority  violates  Arab and Islamic rights by insisting on including the Ibrahimi and  Bilal Ibn Rabah’s Mosques to their alleged Jewish heritage.


In addition to this the   scandal of the  assassination of the martyred Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, and the recent repressive measures  practiced by the ruling regime against reform movements of political powers and students has  increased it is in this light that we shed light on the following:


Firstly: The MB and the general social movements:


1-The unanimity of different political groups on defending MB detainees (Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat and his colleagues) on Monday February 1st, 2010 asserts that the MB reformist project is a threat only to the corrupter and corruptive administration.

2-The MB members are paying the price of freedom in following the reform path with no distinction between leader and member. They all equally share the responsibility.

3-The attempt to divert attention from the crimes committed by the regime against the MB members, the nation and its citizens thwarts the significance of the actual crimes against the nation as a whole and this serves the IOF. A whole nation's freedom is at stake. Rulers must not marginalize the role of the opposition it is not a case of individuals but rather a case of a nation's well-being.

The MB is a part of Egypt's reformist movements and support all those who call for reform. The regime must end the repressive measures it has used against the MB for years which has been in violation of the law.

4-All university students have the right to express their opinions and announce their stances concerning their nation. The regimes fierce opposition to the students' activities will result only in another generation which will have to relive corruption and tyranny and this also must end.

5-The growth of national opposition to the Egyptian realm illustrates that it is greater than the regime reveals. The regime's efforts to defame and tarnish the nation’s renowned reputation have not and will not succeed.

The strikes of company workers are enough proof that the Egyptian public have become aware and possess the will despite the belief and wishes of corrupter. It is no longer accepted that the regime defame and distort the image of its opposition but it must now succumb to the will of the people who call for general, economic and political reform.



Secondly: Regarding the escalating IOF crimes:


1- The Arab states must reconsider the normalization processes with the IOF enemy especially in light of its threats to the national security of Arab and Islamic states.

2-Intellectuals, politicians, businessmen, academics, and athletes should take heed from falling in the trap of normalization with the IOF, even if invited by the Palestinian authorities to visit Jerusalem.

3-The expected role of the Arab league in the upcoming period is beyond the traditional diplomatic role, especially in light of the IOF threat to the Arab internal affairs and Islamic sanctities. 

The stance of Arabs against the IOF practices and aggression against the people, land and holy sites of Palestine and their stance against the IOF threats to the peace of the region must be plain.

4-Arab and Islamic nations must express their anger against what is happening to the   Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem. International protection must be called for the historical right of Muslims and Christians in the land of Palestine; the land of Arabs and Islam.

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Unite Fsiekonomi.Multiply.Com
Hope someday arab n muslim world unite to figh against terrorist zionist.
Friday, March 5,2010 03:49
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